Having a daughter trip is good for your health, saying that there are scientific studies


Scientific studies now show that there is a & # 39; Sometimes a little rest with your good friends for your health.

Living Southern article published by scientists saying that scientists have now come out with surveys that show a good trip with your friends for your health.

In the article, Southern Living reports a lot of scientific studies, and one says "affirming that a friendship is able to expand life expectancy, lower levels of heart disease, and even help with pain keep up. "

Not only do you have good friends for your health, but keeping is also important.

"There are few good friends around the world to make a difference for our health and health," said Psychologist William Chopik from the State University of Michigan. "So it's hard to invest in the relationships that make you happier."

Time spent by keeping friends and relatives can affect your health, so it's time to start planning a trip!

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