Hayabusa 2: Downloading Ringleyu – Mainichi Papers today


  1. Hayabusa 2: Amending the newspaper Ryugu Mainichi on Tuesday
  2. "Hayabusa 2" is landly challenged! South Aerospace Inspection Group
  3. Hayabusa just before they begin to interview 2 JAXA interviews (full sentence 1) Change the location of their spacecraft as a precise (PAGE) Yahoo! News
  4. Mr Junichiro Kawaguchi was sent to & # 39; first time to Hayabusa 2 arriving. "Expected now when 20 years want to come true" – Mainichi Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper
  5. Hayabusa 2 "Whatever happens to" directly to the JAXA conference on the 22nd on the Sankei Newsground
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