Hazardous place: how long is it to fly? affecting the protection system


Опасный космос: как долгие полеты влияют на иммунную систему

Spatial travel does not harm the human protection system, scientists have accessed the University of Bath in the UK.

They gave blood specimens from 23 astronauts to spend the international spa resort for at least six months. Samples were taken before, during and after air. Then it was compared to samples of people who did not access the ISS (their control group).

The results showed that they had no effect on the cells that were involved in antibodies to fight infections, reports

This information, which scientists say, will be useful for planning future initiatives to Mars. This is to be & # 39; damaging their body. Partners in future initiatives for the red planet plan to set up an additional vaccine to maintain protection. But this step may not be needed.

But it is worth considering that spatial travel is more important, people are also open to radiation and need of stress. These causes adversely affect their & # 39; body, and scientists are not worried about the results of the interplanetary travel safety.

Prior to this, experts have found the cause of germ rupture in microficiency – the "germ" cells lost their ability to turn to a fully targeted fiber.


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