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A young high school, Chen Perui, received 22 points and 14 concepts. Unfortunately, the team expanded the game and did not pass on Songshan. (Photograph by Chen Yulin)

In the 107th anniversary of HBL High School Basketball League, Songshan High School, which is a Seeking three titles after him, he welcomed the first game of the new HBL season. After the playoffs, 84:80 was the young secondary school. The confidence and the players are so strong that he can not believe that he can be combined with Matsuyama.

The first section of the youth secondary school had just been in & # 39; A good feeling outdoors, and was ahead of the High School Songshan High School. However, Songshan made digital digital control under the game Ma Jianhao, Lin Li and Yin Rulun. At the beginning of its fourth quarter, the score reached 71:60 11 points. Young people become steady, and are dependent on 10: 0 offenses for just 1 point; Next, High School Li scores 3 points in the countdown down 46.27 seconds, 4 points were put in place, but then the attack was triggered by a young one. One serving a break , the two sides went to the playoffs at 74:74.

The pencil punctuation team expanded by Songshan Lin Li to return to the time, and then Chen Perui made 6 points connected, Lin Li and Huang Zhaoxuan made 2 points made, and eventually won Songshan 4 points.

In February this year, Xu Zhichao, "Bird of the Birds", who took over junior high school troops, said the team had no physical strength. Only Tu Yihan, Yu and the two are over 190 cm; height. The situation of their cartels must be assured and fierce. He was not willing to believe that he would be in touch with Matsuyama.

Xu Zhichao said: "We also added one or two players in this game, because everyone is struggling with difficulty. This is the difference between the HBL and SBL adult competitions. It's largely a & # 39; give children the best ideas and let them know What kind of competition they need to go out. "

Songshan coach Huang Wanlong reminded the players: "The 10th anniversary of a 10-year extension is to profit, it is our best to do so; despite that, compared to the young people not to emphasize the challenge to challenge the challenges of learning to grow. " The worst of the trouble of every three, Huang Wanlong said: "We have never thought about this. In history, concert teams have been released next year. I hope put the players focused on their defense and court. "

In this battle, Songshan Lin Li took 25 points; He also added 4 quizzes, team members Yin Yulun, "double ten" data, Yin Yulun 16 points, 19 revival, Ma Jianhao 14 points, 10 revival; young Chen Perey 22 points 14 concepts, 15 points Zhu Junxian, 9 rebounds, 5 help.

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