HC 07 Detva – HC Košice


With the statement that Košice went out to Zvolen for four points, I talk to you. For today, it's about it, I pray you every side of your night.

Read, friends!

The Koscians are victorious in Detve when they are not even worse than their enemy. In the first one he entertained Nagy's guest twice, after changing the sides he visited Šoltés.

The forts did not surrender, and in one minute Yaloga and Žilka helped their power. But the last words were to the east. 32 minutes into the game, Spilar responded to the defensive goal, with 5: 2 back to Haščák.


One bigger bull in the next middle band is the last seconds.


Guests are completely.


Another man was killed on the left, Habal's great support for the team over the last few months.


Kosice has four players on ice.


Lucas has also been fortunate with fortune, unsuccessful.


Gašpar is now now hanging on Habal, a & # 39; Košice supporter plays his art.


Viktor Fekiač discovered the Habal concrete on the left after a picture from the canal, in the game we are in the game; uninterrupted.


The home team was sent out of the third attack, two minutes to the end of a regular period.


But watch out! There is still a power of five to three. Patrik Koch was damaged by Habalom by Sladok, the final chance for Detva to do something with the result.


Martin Dudáš, for the second time in today's game on his pen, Try a random 2-minute team.


Ščuko was trying to strike a golf-bejzbalový strike, but the puck did not bend in the air.


Home as a whole.


Haščá did not shoot, Habal now announces the return of the halo by blowing a icebag.


Hattrick was defeated, Ladislav Nagy was circulated from the left of the enemy's enemy nets!


Suja was fighting by Zalivin, but he did not. got the bag into the gate.


By closing Martin's outline, Detva's ultimate shades of hope are in this measure of strength. A two-dimensional string for the attack is located.


Martin Chovan did not hit his Kosice player but the winner seems to have come to a decision.


He is not willing, Zalivin looks at his peers.


The final advertising bankruptcy of this game is real.


Peter Valent himself was in front of Habalom, and the success of the Czech Concrete was not right.


There were two team attacks left on the left to make a score after 3 minutes.


Just after the bull, Habal was discharged, Košice went on to break.


By deleting & # 39; Forbidden basket, the guest is enough for winning and the remote hockey; at present.


On the other hand, Suja got off, the play is now matching East.


Stop under pressure, the climbers did not want to think about the second team.


Leum Radovan Puliš up to Brophey, but the main weavers. You will blush the face when you return to the inverter.


Blowing away opposite Habal, Detva a & # 39; try to finish its weight.


Fuzzy moving in the middle of his & # 39; bothy.


One fifteen minutes to the right play end, a rubber provost behind her gateway will go to her; live.


Viktor Fekiač was victorious from the protection of Košice's defense. Direct threat to the horizontal gate, Habal machin hold and put the puck there.


There was a blue man lying on his arms; jump to the hockey jump.


The motions came to Habal quickly, but they were not just.


Zalivin will complete her & # 39; disguise about his own center, and then an advertisement break.


Zalivin with another good saliva, maybe there's a knife on his knees. It's hard to get out of it.


Košice has assigned a visit!
MARCEL HAŠČÁK sent the boy into the field, he came behind him on the gate, which defended the challenge. After a blue pass, Koch fled hard and fortunate, the horse jumped to Haščák, the puck came into the empty gate.

Aid: Patrik Koch, Šimon Petráš.


Guests are completely. Pulli continues to & # 39; giving him personal punishment.


Ladislav Nagy from the left was shot down above, and Košice's quick pace.


Viktor Fekiač Habal set, he was behind the line of the visit. Puck returned to the front of his gate but his / her left; Japanese goat is covered under chapiters!


Galamboš has been a robot, Detva can not control this power.


So, the people of the East have liberated themselves and their fingertips are more valuable.


Ro Chalum was very awful, Košice players left to visit in the first half.


The game is broken, Peter Valent is still in the Košice defense area. Jere Pulli put him in a firebrake, another exclusion – a flat penalty. Pulli has also expressed a 10-minute personal penalty. The smaller penalty will be resolved by Petraš.


Guests are completely.


Frederik Fekiach refused from the dangerous place, the pitch to travel around Habal, who was very happy.


He was a guest. Solita Ignatuskin received, but the third visit was assigned but it was just at the gate. Zaliivin took the picture from the angle.


The fight against its fourth generation was completed in half hidden hidden gates with Viktor Fekiač.


Evan Brophey was retained to Murcek, the main attendant at the Kosice center saw his bend. Game match with up to two minutes.


Only the player side was fired on the nets, Detva a & # 39; start active.


Outside soon after the parties have been exchanged. What last twenty minutes of this meeting?


The third began.

Scholtés went up to 3: 0 in the 24-minute minute, but in the # 39; The first moment they benefited from the two major benefits and then the ordinary one. The two Detvia players were less than 30 minutes old, but they did not lose that situation. The capacity was so long after two minutes later, when Spilar had no problem since the attraction for the current 4: 2 was changed for Košice. Hocaidh had to play in the twenty-two minutes of entertainment, the score for this time was more or fairer.

The third third begins at 19:49.


The second is over.


Two other hunting places, Habal's lightning robbery.


It continues without exclusion, it was on the edge.


Peter Hraško hardened Ladislav Nagya to his own blue! It is stopped by & # 39; game, the referees will decide what next thing you will do.


The Koscians were just moving to & # 39; puc onwards, positioning in front of the detvia visitor.


A tight look at the Košická ghunadh, two minutes to the end of the second part of the game.


Spilar made his case on his / her; a tree around Zalivin, finishing ten seconds from the blue to the body of Jere Pulli.


Guests are completely.


Suja welcomed her on, pushed her, crossing the Gray leg. However, he only made a defender player.


Hraškova was killed from the right circle to finish only in the arms of Vladislav Habal.


Sladok had a sack from blue, but Murcek burned.


Half of the power behind us is, and its play; game, creating a new attack from our own blue.


The crude was adversely affected, and Habal had a good support from the team partners.


Valent won the balls against Absalom, Detva was settled in the attack.


A Roman Roman was surprising at something at the referee's level, but his continues to sink on the bay. The reason is that the game has an unjust protection – 2 minutes.


On the other side, Ignatushkin was there, the new Kosice announced.


The home team is back with a picture, so Košice does not allow the enemy to proceed.


Ofsayd Detvy, we are returning to & # 39; game from the beginning of the third, which is certainly compassion.


Two-second number fiscal advances. After Spilara's visit, both teams played as if they were down.


The East Indies defeated the enemy in their third place, the place was free.


The housekeeper was happy with the hostess, but sent out a little over his / her; the crocodile. It could also be a punishment of union.


Košice has assigned a visit!
The long distance from Košice ends with a goal. Justin Zalivin's strip on Pretnara is still a stop, but GABRIELA SPILARA was not suited for the trip to her. open gateway.

Help: Klemen Pretnar, Tomas Netik.


Shakurko back on the ice, HC home in verse.


Ladislav Nagy in the next episode to Zalivin, but this time he can not finish his & her; hill.


Detanov, the Koscians, has been an excellent case to restore their guidance.


Zalibin built two global interventions, and detvailed himself from Detva.


The East Indies have already been spun off; friend, they have enough time to answer.


This is not before! Ladislav Ščurko is laughing for Everyulincom on her; a criminal cow! The referees still had a meeting, but the former one was a Kosist Presnar at his & # 39; band. Closure tightness.


Sometimes it started, but it was woke up by Daniel Gachulink. Two plus two minutes for this defender for a game with a stick built.

Before a game, the advertising break is followed.


Detva visited!
JAKUB ŽILKA took the puck to the third man, and so, after Matúš Chovana and Tibenský were covered with his lock on Habal's coal, he cleared the gate!

Aid Matúš Chovan, Martin Chovan.


Detva visited!
Now, Kosicans do not get rid of it, and after the players' attention, gather. ĎALOGA MARTIN was standing enough from the gate to get over the Habal without help at a 5-meter stop!

Help: Viktor Fekiač, Jozef Sládok.


Gašpar and Murcek did not stop near Habal, but Detva's two men will have power. Patrik Koch played in opposition to the rules, a game with a stick built was the reason to quench it.


Reveal scenario from games before. Dancing badly, playing Kosice with a room.


There is another defeat in today's competition, two weeks after his defeat by Martin Dudáš.


Košice has assigned a visit!
Hraško was not sorry to stop a long distance, DÁVID ŠOLTÉS was arrested. He built around the defenders, he started heading and in a half-way, easily sent Zalivin over.

Aid: Tomas Netik, Klemen Pretnar.


Vladislav Habal made the way in front of the visiting warden, Detvage is still in a tooth attack.


A brophey was fired from the crossbow, the homeland completely.


Nagyho took off Zalivin's controller, we will continue without breaking.


Gilad or Nike did not get through their guards.


Continue on the side of the guests, we will Continue to play & # 39; game.


Continuing to Zalivin left, the third is created; come on ice.


Guests are completely.


After breaking there is a short lump in Detva, but the people of the home are out of her; belt.


The second began.

At the end of the third year, Košíc belt was hit smaller straw. The judges sat down as players and put the hockey players into the 2: 0. The two goals were successful with Ladislav Nagy's two goals. Request a legacy for your favorite duel.

The second starts at about 18:56.


The first third is over.


Anything else casting ahead of the Košíc gate.


Murcek or Puliš did not puck to their gate from the lowest distance. The great trma-vrma will successfully end up for the East Coast.


It runs to the end of the & # 39; first third.


Tomas Klima Surova broke in an attack on the third place and is already on a pipe tune.


Habal put another hiding button in the casing, do we have another goal in the & # 39; part of the game?


Netik went behind her gate, took the puck in front of him, but brought him back quickly. The edges did not get from the hard place but into the nets.


The blanket almost escaped from the blue to the top of the gate, Zalivin carefully.


Glossary of Habal's aim, the third opening will take more than half an hour.


The first creation of East India has been stressed and defeated.


Disqualified distribution also on Basket side.


Brophey threw herself silently despite the attack of his player. Hit Puck back into the game, Ladislav Nagy did not get to her; a rubber prescription just a few centimeters, or so it would have reached the empty gate.


Other clothes from HC 07.


Netík used the Zalivin gate, he was defeated and the Detva player did not succeed from the way. The home was freed with a ban.


Maroš Surový had again blocked, to attack the guests.


Martin Chovan's transformation from blue terminates in detention of Habal in particular.


Habal covered the place on the left watt. The Tibenski team was around Ignatushina, but the enemy's visitor was still out.


Nagy attacked his enemy on the front of his own gate. It may be a bit sorry that he did not recognize Brophey free by Zalivin.


Even today there is no ambition, Ščurka has been broken into body; body, and Habal thought.


Maroš Surový completed a break from the first one, but he did not; This is the attack on its creation! Undoubtedly, it may have been reduced.


Valent fell in the third basket, but he continued to play. The Spilara lost the picture and the Kocha was removed. Zalivin stopped his game.

In addition, there is an advertising bankruptcy.


The guests stretch out of their & # 39; band. He does not try to seek a long pass, he says.


Ladislav Nagy had an airplane on the hollow floor. A picture from the right circle, Zalivin was just out of his gate and failed to hit.


Zitny's hard interconnection, which Detve's observers expressed against this event by Martin Chovan.


It is to pass your hand in the middle of the page; park is the reason to stop the duelle.


Nike to & # 39; The first one was hitting the ring in the attacking field, but he had no single team nearby.


The East Indies are really cool, Nagy got a shot.


Košice has assigned a visit!
LADISLAV NAGY to taste. The Košický player started his entire activity in the defensive field, hit the pitch with Haščák and completely by Zalivin gave him a successful hand to do it. get out and click to & # 39; button into the gate.

Help: Marcel Haščák.


At the same time, an advertisement break will continue.


Viktor Fekiač's clear complaint about Patrick Galamboš. It is a penalty of 2 + 10 in Death to Matinel.


Hraška refused to prepare just outside her gateway, and # 39; play from one side to the other.


His shoulder has a shoulder on his shoulder against Žilka, and his home looks forward.


Zaliivin was introduced twice after the goals, Detva in the end.


Košice has assigned a visit!
The guests win the bull again and there is a negative effect in black. Brophey moved to Haščák, the one on LADISLAV NAGY. Zalivin is astonished at the familiar strike with the head of destination on the ground.

Help: Marcel Haščák, Evan Brophey.


Galamboš was holding the puck after winning the bull, he could break his teams.


The abandonment that HC was banned, the folklore at the nice Habal.


Guests are completely.


Marcel Haščák refused at the last Zilka minute in front of Habal alone, or so it would be a hundred years chance!


Ladislav Nagy was also injured, and Zalivin had to leave the game.


Put a bow in front of Absalom, and ask the cloth, but, in the way, from the back of the cloth, the web was not chopped.


A serious blue-line crash that happens when a carusel is now a & # 39; take place.


Košiceam is delighted to throw pleasure, Detva can not settle in front of Habalom.


Evan Brophey will be free on his & # 39; sentence after one of the challenges was hit in the third part.


At the same time, there were many disputes, the winning bull in the third attack court on Pretnar turned to a close end.


David Šoltés was pushing a & # 39; envelope with his free attempt. For a puck he got in front of his gateway, he tried his hand on Zalivin, but if I saw it well, he just made a stick.


The second form of the Košíc asked Zalivin. The sack went to the right hand side of the Detva.


The homekeeper earned a home team, who was ahead. The Habal catcher, finally shot in the middle band.


A meeting just started.

Beginning assemblies:

HC 07 Detail: Zalivin (Petrik) – Mar. Chovan, Kuklev, Sládok, Hraško, F. Fekiač, Gachulinec, Šimon, Král – Puliš, Murček, Ščurko – Giľák, Gašpar, Ďaloga – Žilka, Valent, Tibenský – Surový, V. Fekiač, Mat. Chovan

HC Košice: Habal (Škorvánek) – Pretnar, Koch, McDowell, Dudas, Cizek, Pulli, Krajanak, Gray – Nagy, Brophey, Haščák – Suja, Ignatuskin, Spilar – Soltas, Galambos, Netik – Petras, Klima, Zitny

Judge: Baluška, Müllner – Orolin, Rojík – Chudada.

In their shared games this season they pulled for a longer finish Košice. Initially on September 16 in Detve, they won 4: 1 to go home in the home on October 19 to divide the opponent larger – 7: 1.

HC 07 Detail

Also, thanks to the 4: 3 impact in Žilina, a hockey player appeared in the Liga Tipsport; continues with the eighth bar with 32 points. If we look at the score, it's very dark – 62:80. In this regard, only Žilina is worse. He won three times in the last five trips, lost once and once at the usual play time. Home-grown homes are not useful, but they can be amazed.

HC Košice

Košice has been kept out of another beating on his own. After Hungarian Hungary, Zvolen's headquarters also lost the eastern situation, which earned 7: 2 in the East. That's why Košice players have 52 points, who lost seven first HKM loss points. The best score in the entire competition is – 90:55. If we take a bad deal against the Zvolen, the Koscians have drawn a series of four winners.

I welcome all hockey supporters to go to; view this online text. We will focus together on a meeting with HC 07 Detva and HC Košice to; compete against each other. The game and so this transition starts at 16:00.

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