HC Slovan Bratislava has blocked the recording of players


The reason is again a failure to meet financial obligations.

November 2018 at 9:33 SITA and TASR

Bratislava. Ice Hockey Slovan There is no Bratislava now in the KHL.

In the West Conference menu, it does not Only three points fall to the position of eight playoff points, but the unhealthy series is often pulled through the course of the season to date.

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There are very few players in the cadre

According to the Russian Tash group, according to its main coach Vladimir Orszagha, the biggest problem of Bratislava club is the proportion of players in the world; camera.

KHL's leadership should be disallowed by the senior administration of Slovak Juraj Široký, the reason why financial duties have not been met.

"The financial problems do not affect the current players' presentations, it's about the responsibilities of the preceding seasons, there is another problem for us – many people, but I do not think that there is any impact We have had the situation since the last time, "said the main coach after the CSKA Moscow 0: 4

Prohibition of reinforcement, opportunity for young people

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According to Tass, Slovan has stopped the recording of new players in the team and can not sign up to new hockey players.

"It's a chance for younger players to appear and get a place on the team," said Országh.

Following a series of four souls in the only successful Slovan in Nižnekamsk, the Bratislava club will be returning home, and welcomes Vítaz Podolsk on Friday, November 23 before his own fans.

Debt of the last season

In addition, KHL's leadership has impeded the slave of Sri Lanka Široký, both older and younger, due to the failure to meet financial obligations.

"KHL has warned the Czech Republic's command of the need to comply with the debt reimbursement, but KHL was only allowed to start a KHL season so Does he meet the financial duties, but the payments do not respond to what is above, and yet Slovan's debt is for last season players. "

"As a result, we set forward at the Slovak distance, represented by Juraj Široký St. and Juraj Široký, and blocked his club to sign new contracts, ie to keep players involved , "KHL told the magazine championat.com as he said.

Slovan loves her & # 39; decision

"HC Slovan Bratislava respects the KHL management decision, depending on which members currently have hindered activity related to any of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the relation to KHL.

As confirmed by the club last week, it is fully aware of its responsibilities for current and past players from the past and works on the mean replay slow.

At present, it is largely payable in the form of player reporters for spring months in the 2017/18 season. Regarding the running season, Slovan has so far all its responsibilities in relation to the players A and the team set.

HC Slovan Bratislava was introduced into this season with a clear intention to gradually reinforce and cure his financial situation through new partner entrances. Arrangements in this guide are still going on, "said the TASR comment.

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