HC Slovan Bratislava responds to an uncertain degree of KHL leadership


today 21:10

The Slovenian Slovan Bratislava Club is honoring the Hockey Continental League (KHL) decision, depending on the numbers At present the agents have expressed an activity related to any of their rights and responsibilities in relation to their relationship with KHL.

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TASR was led by Veronika Némethová, Director of Media at HC Slovan.

Last week, KHL banned the Slovakian international champion Juraj Širokému, Juraj Širokému ml. The reason was again made to meet financial obligations and not to comply with the & # 39; debt repayment register. "Belasi" is also a ban to record contracts for new players.

"HC Slovan Bratislava respects KHL's leadership decision, depending on which members are currently blocking activity related to any of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the relationship with KHL. As the club is reinforced last week, you are fully aware of your promises to current and past players from the time of time and are working on it; gradual payment. "

"At the moment, the players usually pay for the spring months of the 2017/18 season. As long as the season is running, Runs, Slovan has so far its duties to A-Team players. "

"HC Slovan Bratislava has embarked on this season with a clear intention to gradually reinforce and cure its financial situation through the entry of a new partner, and the talks still going on, "said the TASR in a statement.



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