HCMC has a new principle in Physical Education and Sport


Therefore, the Minister for Education and Phung Training Xuan Nha signed the decision to identify Professor Chah Vinh Huy – Head of Organizational and Administration Department to post the CEO of the College Physical Education Training Ho Chi Minh City for term 2018-2023.

Principal Chau Vinh Huy (who's in the middle)

Principal Chau Vinh Huy (who's in the middle)

PGS. Dr. Chau Vinh Huy on November 26, 1971, specializing in badminton, received the PGS academic title in 2016 after seven years as manager.

Speaking at the service, Comann. Dr. Chau Vinh Huy said: "As specially as the School of Physical Education and Sport, the Education Bachelor of Education in Physical Education is the key role, in fact our school meets many problems and obstacles in the Implementation of university devolution, as well as expanding the training scale when resources are not limited. "Mr Huy concluded the difficulties faced by staff and students over every day in the last few years.

Mr Huy said there was a concern as and how, along with the school management team, giving you the best learning and work reasons for you and for the students. , improve the quality of training and scientific research, in terms of devolution and integration.

However, the new principle said: "The challenge is not small, but the belief in future school development is not shaken. The fact is that we are working hard today, not only due to general consensus, but with generations of directors through stable and effective levels. With that foundation, I believe we continue to continue through the problems to keep pace. "

He has been born for more than 40 years with a TW2 Sports and Physical Education beginner in 2005 to become the Sports Conservation University of Ho Chi Minh City.

We know that this school has a lot of players in the U23 football team in Vietnam as Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong, Van Toan … were present. If they reach 144 credits, they will be servants after four years. With a college degree, they can be a corporate teacher or football coach unless they play.

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