HCMC will restrict new projects to 2020, house prices may be higher


Central and inner areas of Ho Chi Minh Town can not develop new projects from now until 2020, which could improve house prices.

The HCMC People Committee has adopted the housing development plan for 2016-2020 in terms of restricting the development of new projects in the city center and inner Ho Chi Minh town. In the current middle range of areas 1 and 3, from now until 2020, new housing projects will not be developed.

The urban areas of areas 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh, Tan Phu, focus on completing unfinished projects and also a limited development of New housing project.

For Areas 2, 7, 9, 12, Binh Tan, Thu Duc only focused on completing projects that were not completed. These areas are allowed to develop new housing projects, high buildings with public transport areas (such as Metro Number 1 in areas 2, 9, Farm) or planned areas. Implement the technical infrastructure system in response

Nha Be, Binh Chanh, Cu Chi, Hoc Mon and Can Gio are the neighbors who are come in. They finish completion of projects without completing, and # 39; review and retrieve slow and slow projects; prioritize development. Project owners in towns, rural residential areas and areas with technical infrastructure. However, the town did not develop new projects to build houses in areas where there are no plans to invest in the construction of a technical infrastructure.

Despite a limited development of new projects in the & # 39; central and within HCMC, focuses on HCMC housing plans on the development of priority social housing priorities in areas, coastal areas.

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Districts and inner towns of Ho Chi Minh Town. (Photo: Lucas Nguyen)

The HCM Real Estate City Association said it is a tool for managing a management market by the People's Committee in Ho Chi Minh City. Large cities are explored for entry.

According to Chau, the main reason that continues to be & # 39; restricting the development of new projects in the town center and within Ho Chi Minh City as a result of its reduced urban infrastructure. The traffic is increasing and can not be resolved. The collection of housing projects, in particular a partnership for several years after a row, has made a "urbanized transport infrastructure" suffocated. Therefore, there is a significant reduction in essential provision.

Chau said that the positive side of its new project is to # 39; Increase the control and control of the buildings market, as well as the financial instruments (which emphasize the credit policy).

However, the restriction of creating a new vaccine zone development zone is the creation of a new monopoly status that can be created. Monoping existing approved investment projects already in the CBD. "This may bring up house prices indirectly, despite the time the estate market has been setting price rates once and again," said Chau.

At the same time, Tran Hien Phuong, General Director of the Real Estate Sea Holdings Company, expressed concern when Ho Chi Minh City revealed that the area would disqualify the approval of new housing projects; means the market is under pressure. Increase prices in the next 8-12 months.

The expert thought that the new licensing constraints in the CBD and the urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City would not be affected immediately as the household is in a position; at present is still very high. A & # 39; a market; Small-scale transfer which includes the supply is very needing locally.

In the next 8-12 months, when the old supply is sold, the market will come to a shortage of housing homes and this is the time the house prices can be put up or raised. "House prices in Ho Chi Minh City do not appear to rise dramatically because they are on top, but when the monopoly or lack of material happens in the period from late 2019 to 2020 , The new price will be set up, "Phuong's introduction.

The general director of Marine Holdings says that buildings have a real estate impact on buildings today "water will flow to the weak." When home prices in HCM City are too high and scarce, maps of new product allocation can move to nearby locations. These are the areas adjacent to or near Ho Chi Minh City as Long An, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Binh Duong as new projects and land prices have not been developed in these areas, housing prices are more richer than the TP. HCM.

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