HD Kumaraswamy Hits Out Among Karnataka Income Tax charges


The PM Kumaraswamy of Karnātaka had been abusing the income tax sector


Income tax officers watch the sites of politicians coalition government of Janata Dal Secular-Congress and their companions throughout Karnataka, said today, less than 24 hours after to HD Minister Kmaraswamy warned that he would use tactics Mamata Banerjee. the base for using government members for political rates in the election season.

"The real Narendra Modi strike is striking open through IT attacks. The provisional offer of the IT officer Balakrishna helped the PM in the retaliation game with very large numbers of govt operators being deployed, corrupt officials to face pressure t at a time of election, "the main minister put out again this morning."

Last month, Prime Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee set up a new auditorium after the CBI team faced the doors of chief police Kolkata Rajeev Kumar to question him in plight fund cases, where he was headquoted t Ms Banerjee as the name of the government of Modi to former states.

The government of Karnataka said the Module government was using the employment tax sector to target the leaders of the regulatory consortia in the south, where what happened next year had an effect on ministers, ministers and ministers. the main parties – Transport, JDS and BJP – of the withdrawal. the ministers to the tourist stalls to keep the flock full.


The property of JDS-Congress leaders in Karnataka was charged with revenue taxation

In a contemporary pre-inquiry inquiry, income tax officers accompanied CRPF staff to the Karnataka homes of Ministries AC Puttaraju in Mandya district and sister-in-law in Mysuru, the PTI news agency. "I am not banned by the predators, who are associated with an election. I would like to know what was the cause of the attack of the BJP's director in Karnataka?" Mr Puttaraju, who is the head of the Mandya region, said the first minister's election was Nikhil Kumaraswamy, whose first choice is fighting.

We also report that the research is taking place in the homes of Ministerial Public Works Department partner HD Revanna, the brother of the first minister, and the son of the old minister HD Deve Gowda. Mr Revanna's son, Prajwal, is trying to win the Lok Sabha elections from the Hassan constituency.

On Wednesday, the IT department spoke of attacks against an unnamed politician, claiming it was the JDS Prabhakar Reddy of the same day that HD Kumaraswamy stressed more income tax offenses.

The dispute was also held with JDS partner partner. "This is the first time in the history of India that a Prime Minister has stopped independent centers of disrespectful respect. Teaching people have taught him," welcomed him on Wednesday.

The Congress had made the same objections when buildings led by DK Shivakumar were attacked at a time when he was managing transport managers from Gujarat before choosing Rajya Sabha in March last year.

The Karnataka people vote in the Lok Sabba elections on 18 April and the results will be on 23 May.

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