He again heard the Welsh League of the kingdom and took over Rome + VIDEO


Real Madrid defeated 2-0 Roma in the G League Champions League group at the Olympiacos stadium.

The Santiago Solari football players once again sang the hymn at the rich competition and showed a completely different face just a day after the defeat of Eibar in La Liga. The "White Ballet" saw an attack in the attack and came to the advantage of Gareth Bale and Lucas. It should be noted, despite its decision, that the "wolves" showed a good game, but Justin Klubewert and Chengiz Uderd put ridicule gaps for staff something any other in the & # 39; game.

Therefore, Real moves to the 1/8 decisions as the leader in the # 39; 12-point group, with 3 plus Roma, which is also ahead of the Welsh League. Earlier this evening, Victoria Plzeo's ambassadors killed CSKA Moska to take part in the aftermath after they were to eliminate the "Army" with 2: 1.

Both teams started their games just as well and did not take extra risks while & # 39; as they were scrutinizing each other. The first location was not interesting but in the 20th minute. Luka Modric got a good pass corridor on the right. The Cròg killed the wall with one contact from the pipe boundaries, defeated Lucas's cas and went into the reach of Robin Olsen.

Six minutes later, Stephan El Shaarawy, Justin Kluivett, was injured, himself in the right place of a dead ball in the pipes. The football will build its & horizontal, but the ball was tall above the door.

In a 34 minute minute, Tibor Courtoa made a quick rescue and pointed out a remarkable opportunity. Patrick Schick was a limited member at the frontiers of the goal and killed him, but killed the Belgian backman to kill him. The second one after that, Alexander Kolarov tried to fortune him with an outward project, but he was unsure.

In the time that was added to the first 45 minutes, Chenigi Under Pas did a great deal. The player got a good view from the left and two meters from the game the ball put over the door. So, the first half has a & # 39; finishing in hacking.

At the beginning of the second part, Real took on. Gareth Bale defended protection to get the ball. Undoubtedly, a Welshman had enough time to change his ball and put it to the door.

In a 49 minute minute Niccolò Dzianiola got a place in her; pity, he took the ball hard and put it to the door. However, Kurtoa's blast was refurbished and a great slaughter.

In 58 minutes, the member met Justin Kluivett, who did not express it and made him a powerful darling who was killed from a line; pennant. But Curtoa was back instead.

After a double minute the guests were dominated. Benzema sought to concentrate in the field of punishment and guided the parallel member to Lucas's position where he stood and easily put it to the door.

In Alexander Kolarov's 76th minute minute, he was shot and killed inconvenient. Tibor Courtoa did not get a good position, but he shot and made another game in the game.

In 87 minutes, Marcello got beautiful scenes in the penalty area. The Brazilians were killed in an attractive way, but his sight was unsure and the ball went far from the left.

Roma – Real Madrid 0: 2

Highest Scòrraich: Gareth Bale (47 & 39), Lucas (59 & 39)

Rome: Olsen, Florentzi, Manollas, Fasio, Kolarov, N & Z; Zonzi (Korić 64 & 39;), Kristente, Dzaniollo (Kardsdorf 69 & 39), Yunder, El Shaarauwi
Coach: Eusebio Di Francesco

Real Madrid: Kourtoa, Karvahal, Varan, Ramos, Marcello, Yorente, Kroos, Modric (F. Valverde 81), Licas, Bale (Asencio 84), Benzema (Mariano 77)
Coach: Santiago Solari

Rome, stadium "Olimpico"
Judge: Clemon Türpan
Yellow cards: Dzaniolo (Roma); Modric, Varan (Real)

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