He agreed to the organizations that were registered to Nordelta in the middle of a very hot session – 12/13/2018


As Municipality of Tigre recommended that the bus is running go to Nordelta To improve public transport in the area, local residents, unhappy with their home degree, Given another project called "superador" and its suggestion enter a private tour with the public. This Thursday, the official recommendation of a Reference Council, was adopted in the middle of an amazing session very hot, where domestic workers were disturbing the impact, who was present in the room and his / her; discriminating against the private transport company.

However, the Transport Commission would have agreed with its neighbors a time of 90 days so that they can approve their proposal and show that it works.

The project that our neighbors provide, called Total Exchange Investigation, a public service connection line 723 with a private visit. There are two levels. The first is a & # 39; continues with the current private service, provided by Mary Go, but with more frequency, every 30 minutes, at high times. And the second level, which will be the responsibility of the Nordelta Rio company, who will go together Interior door of the countries, more public and private transfer centers.

"There will be transport in there paid entirely by the neighbors"he said Clarin María Eugenia Tomasello, vice president of the Association of Neighborhood of Los Castores.

Tomasello also ensures that she dies; First, interval, between 90 and 120 days, so that the second level can be awarded, and that is the last one.

"Within Nordelta there will also be cycling route which connects all centers to move. In addition we will also implement it electric vehicles to the inner enclosure to take care of the environment, "said Tomasello.

On the other hand, the official recommendation of Municipio de Tigre, which attempts to allow the public route of line 723 to enter the indoor tour. This idea raised lack of strength of local neighbors, which ensured that this project would create more insecurity in the area.

The incredible session of the Deliberative Council began to debate the two projects at 10 am in the morning. "If the official proposal is approved, ask extended four months to deal with the career and route of 723 to improve Nordelta, "added Tomasello.

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