"He agreed to the violence on human rights in Chile"


Camilo Catrillanca's father, Marcelo Catrillanca, he was inside Registered Trademark, where he talked about the responsibilities of different governments in the militarism of La Araucanía and suddenly all administration from return to democracy "had been the same."

The father of Mapuche communero who died on November 14 "Government has not been able to act", and there are still situations that "suffer from poverty and Mapuche".

Catrillanca imposed a fine on the post of the old president Michelle Bachelet as Senior Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN. In his opinion, the old president is positioned "in a bad road" "She has agreed to what had been in human rights in Chile".

In addition, she maintained that she was "Initially, he inspired the Jungle Commander".

"The conditions are not given"

Camilo's father said that he was not the reason why he did not want to meet President Sebastián Piñera "The conditions are not given": Abolition of Jungle Command, leaving Andrés Chadwick from the Government and re-location of the Mapuche area.

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It's an interesting place for Marcelo Catrillanca to disable Chadwick, that's why He and his family asked the Finance Office to take his statement. "He is the person who handled my son as a crime at the first minute", he said.

In passing, he criticized La Araucanía's new masters, Jorge Atton, for his thweets in which he proposed "army" to the area. These are the types of statements that make it "Invalid speaker" for the Catrillanca family.

Finally, he also made a fine for the Social Development Minister, Alfredo Moreno, and threw the desire of his president to do so; The Earth's Attack: "The Araucania Plan has been a great blood for Mr Alfredo Moreno (…) With that president we did not get anywhere, because he did not solve not a bit of confidence ".

Memories of his son

Marcelo Catrillanca remembers Camilo's sea "His son example" "He never had any problems with anyone".

He acknowledged that he felt his nostalgia, but he said he was in a position; focusing on his grandson and cousin who was heavy with Camilo. "They have suffered more than me"He confirmed, and in that way in memory, he built the house that Camilo was preparing. "I want to relax in peace in the house he wanted to have," he said.

She is pleasing to see her son's face everywhere and he knows "Camilo has crossed the border".

"I find myself sometimes happy, or sad, but I want to find out what the truth is. I want to find out who the carabinero has killed my son, "he said.

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