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Football football Czech Republic trained Slovakia LN

In the picture, Ján Greguš, Marek Hamšík, Albert Rusnák, Miroslav Stoch, Vladimír Weiss and Róbert Mak are held behind the Slovenian football football during the training in Prague.

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Slovenian football player Vladimir Weiss has confirmed that he will finish it in the national team. Al-Gharaf's club is not eighty years of Qatar to comment on it; production chapters must be definitively closed.

However, he did not play under the command of his Pavel Hapal coach after October
SR Ján Kozáka was replaced.

His group did not face Hapal leadership with one of November
duellan in Group B of the European League 2018/2019 against
The Ukraine (4: 1) and the Czech Republic (0: 1). Shortly before the end of a Monday game
in Prague, when he was already aware that he would not be tired
able to aboard, was left irregularly on the agents' space and went to date
how the stadium is standing.

When the 2010 World Cup participants participate in South Africa
and the 2016 European Championship, which won 67 times in the most prestigious yacht
and sent a seven-day launch, which came into the interim room, apparently a & # 39; his old man
In his hand, he was lying in the football corridors in Prague. "I've done it here,"
There was protutbal.sk for the first time to go to & # 39; celebrate his opinion
Belonged to Bratislava.

Later on, in an interview for the sport24.pluska.sk website, he confirmed that the next thing
start in the production. "This is my decision, what
I'm not sorry. From the Hapal coach, my keyboard was one of the ridge
Produced with Hamšík and Škrtel. That was for me
of the greatest motivation to continue. Interview and fact
he did not answer, "said Weiss in the conversation.

The question of what was today and the main reason to leave it quickly
from the game against the Czech Republic, he replied: "The end of all of me
The feeling I've been getting across the show. "

Many of the professionals in the football runners do not like the rest
Five years playing in & # 39; highest competition in Qatar, according to that
quality does not reach European league levels. This fantastic situation was not
wholly according to taste, or for the former former guardian
Cossack, but Weiss was a strong part of his plans. below
However, the card was returned with the new Hapal pilot.

"I had no problem with Cossack coach and I came to an accident
always 100% ready. I'm happy with Katar now and
there is no future to & # 39; future solution, "said Weiss.

Vladimír Weiss will come to Senci. "Data-original =" https://ipravda.sk/res/2018/10/09/thumbs/futbal-zraz-reprezentacie-weiss-nestandard1.jpg

Vladimír Weiss arrives at her & # 39; concert

Author: Ivan Majerský, Pravda

Former Olympiacos Piraeus, Glasgow Rangers or Espanyol
Barcelona argued that the decision stopped its performance in the production
He also talked to his father – now the Georgia coach
Vladimir Weiss, old people. "My dad got me just after her game
It's out. It is not suffering, but because I have the greatest support
accept it, "he said.

Someone said he wanted to return to the show in the future,
but just when the team is not Pavel Hapal.

"Indeed I'm sorry I'm not going to showcase at this time
for the atmosphere and the relationships between the players. I really enjoyed the scenes and indeed
I miss him. I personally think it's not; I said in the production
the last word. By Hapalom coach, however, I did not play it because of it
the parties do not feel confident and respect for me, "said Vladimir
Weiss at the sport24.pluska.sk site.

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