He arrested the FAES-Zulia chief for hunting his & her; lived at a son of a diploma


Zulia– Commissioner Pedro Espinoza, head of the National Bolivarian National Policeman (PNB) of the Zulia Axis, was arrested by the officers of Sebin and the National Bolivarian Guard (GNB), after an attack made by explosives and firearms, in the residence of the son of Captain Jorge Durán Centeno, ambassador of Venezuela in Panama.

The person who is affected is Yonder Durán and the warrant was opposed to his / her; commissioner by the representative of the Republic, Tarek William Saab. The event is unknown. The officer was brought to D111 of the GNB headquarters

Between Zulia and Trujillo.


devolved for public transport stealing

Baralt Public Security Directorate reported that five members of the "El Cagon" criminal group were killed at midnight on Sundays for different crimes made between the Zulia and Trujillo states, including an attack on public transport .

The event took place when a commission of the local GNB Regional Orders was informed of the presence of individuals who established "alcabala" in the El Guaimaral department, to attack the citizens who had a & # 39; go through.

Immediately, a League of 119 group of the military group, along with police officers from Poliberary, moved to the site and noted that there were several suspects.

Later on, they pulled a firearm and attacked the military officers and officers, which caused a large exchange of units where some fell and some died when they reached the outpatient clinic of the Concession Week.

They were marked as Reiber José Peña Carrillo, named after "El Mana"; Raifer Peña, the so-called "El Yayo"; Orlando Beleño, my nickname "El Zurdo"; Antonio Domínguez, my nickname "El Guajiro" and Hernán José Justo Peña.

All members of the "El Cagon" negative group, a comprehensive police record for crimes involving drug trafficking, killing, scarce delays and illegal weapons, They were investigated for their relationship with the death of La Ceiba's seaman, Marco Tulio Carrillo, as well as many manuscripts recorded in the low area of ​​Trujillo.

Three firearms and two firearms were built in the place where the conversation was recorded, the only ones who used the ones that opposed their dress.

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