He asked for an ambulance, and when it was cold, he burned the stove …


The event occurred in the Erfelek Sinop area. According to information found, a mother of three dialysis patients, Ayşe Şimşek, aged 73, went to hospital and asked for an ambulance. In the meantime, his closer back to the burner stove because of the cold storage, Ayse Simsek, was lying in flaming fire flames. In the meantime, the old woman sent out of the fire pouring over the boiling water then burning.

Due to the dialysis that is hospitalized to hospital to bring the female to the 112 Emergency Service teams, it will be eliminated by the removal of an old woman and a Sinop Public Hospital ancillary away. His first translation was made by Ayse Simsek, the Samsun Training and Research Hospital was sent to Burn Center. Ayse Şimşek, who was taken to hospital in Samsun, lost his life yesterday despite the interventions.

The Ayse Simsek funeral was sent to the home of Sinop's home after the self-deployment mechanisms in the hospital.


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