He can not confirm the life expectancy of Rach Rang's newspaper – Nhan Dan


In particular, in accordance with the People of the Cao Committee, through the Department of Transport report (GT-VT), in principle, they can demonstrate the remaining life of the work being done; used. However, the process of implementing a project, quality management from design, construction to keep up-to-date implementation is still enough of existing people, comply with the regulations. Therefore, job expectancy is very difficult and complicated, the cost of implementation will be high, although the scale of the jobs and the total investment is small. For the reasons mentioned above, the consultant refused to confirm the life expectancy of the Rachen bridge.

We know that there is a total investment of around 15 billion in the Rachen Bridge, built in the form of procurement for private investment. The bridge, with a capacity of 3.5 tons, invested by Liem Duyen Hai Co., Ltd, has been completed and used in 2010. The application time has already been put in place. life expectancy. This also means when a & # 39; Use the bridge now damaged, stop resting.

In response to the doubt about the time of the sum, the voters said that the Ca Cao Committee has clearly stated that the costs of Rung Rung's bridge for how many years. Responding to the above case, the Departmental People's Committee explained Ca Mau: Because, The aims of the project are to; Attending people, the project format of the project is used in the form of a live bridge. Therefore, investments will be paid during the bridge time.

Regarding the case of voters, and through the media's thinking, Ca Mau's Divisional People Committee asked specialized groups to seek independent councilors to determine the life of the Rank Rang Bridge. On the basis of deciding that the life of the bridge from the consultancy unit is the basis for a & # 39; Setting a tax period for Rach Rang Bridge. However, due to the above reasons, if the consultant attempts to determine the life situation of the bridge, Ca Mau's Divisional People Committee will continue to; Guide to a specialized group to work with the investor to take time; collection. pay jobs.

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