He can not even # 39; s Apple can be affected by a smartphone


For years we have been trained with slick marketing initiatives that a typography phone should be replaced everybody year, and for more than a decade he worked. Apple successfully ratified millions of people around the world that the iPhone's output is a limited life, designed to be cultivated on an annual or two years – an attempt that helped him; IPhone Development Program.

Everything was good, and the numbers were up every year; Allow a new phone company – until it started installing. On Wednesday, Apple Chief, Tim Cook, published a letter to top-earned shareholders to provide rare details that were worse than expected:

"Although Great China and new markets showed most of the yearly annual annuity reduction in some developed markets, IPhone reforms were not as strong as we thought they would beThe post-Although macro-economic challenges in some of the markets are a key part of this move, we believe that other factors are in fact; the impact of our iPhone performance, including consumers changing world with fewer behavioral subsidies, increasing US car prices, and some consumers; Take advantage of price reduction that greatly reduces the replacement of an iPhone battery. "(my emphasis)

Not only was the fourth bad, but it was worse than Apple's estimates, for a year that gave me a # 39; The company was still the most rigid of iPhones, with options for both prices, models and color for the first time. As with the previous world of PC, we have reached a high level where the shows begin to reach; Combating, and promoting a renewable device with enough features to stimulate sales is very difficult.

Across its business, high-quality digital phones have a & # 39; come with a bang. However, Apple is just as close to its impact on how the market is preparing: the iPhone is the one-to-one horse, which is the responsibility of the iPhone; most of her annual income.

In his letter, Cook stated two main reasons for the loss: the Chinese economy and his / her; iPhone sales decline. But reading between the lines, however, Apple seems to have finally discovered the end of how long & # 39; It can build prices before consumers come up and use their old pockets to increase their increase instead.

Apple may have moved a block and created the perfect storm to end the digital phone after a decade-long historic run.

For a few years Apple could cover the impact of a worldwide mobile phone industry by sending it to the " hiding and selling sales prices continues to grow for its phones. Starting with the iPhone X, sent a & # 39; The company is a major contributor to the normal sales price of its tools by locking behind the department & # 39; premium & new device, designed to live.

When the fan, iPhone Xs, arrived this year, Apple re-invented even the reasons for the revision, and then finished completing his / her. bottom bottom with the iPhone Xr, for customers who may have been in & # 39; keep shopping

He had his other impact: the iPhone Xs was a? sold out for anyone who was running out to get the X. He had the features that should be there at the event, which gave some reason for people to move.

Making the situation even more difficult: a & # 39; indicates that Apple has blocked older phones with a single business that needed a simple battery replacement. That meant that Apple's likelihood seemed to be a going on to carry out hardware due to battery age was a misleading way, designed to push consumers to renew, even though they had an offensive roots.

After breaking the scandal, Apple had to pay $ 30 to anyone affected, and Tim Cook is particularly mentioning this as a problem in a letter to # 39; The company also has too many people to put up their phones, so they do not. buy new ones. That is a testament to Apple capabilities at building devices, but not a good news for a company that is responsible for the sale of hard-term goods and there is not much more.

The Chinese slow-growing economy is easy to identify Apple Branch, and it is a legitimate problem, but it hits something else that has been on its own. collapsed: Apple could not succeed but long ago. Moving to new markets as the most successful markets started to experience.

In the United States, the iPhone has become a reality of life over a decade, and has been an instrument rather than an interesting tool that we are willing to save thousands. More people than ever used to boost their phones for three or four years, which are better for your purse and the environment.

In many markets there are very few people left for & # 39; win for the iPhone anymore, at least the extent we've seen in the past, and Apple needs to have a new truth now: what it looks like when the The richest world of the world of company, which depended on most of the income from its single output line is that gone? So far, it seems that prices are rising all of its materials and transferring to subscription income instead.

Unlike the latter, when the iPod's success was successful and Apple was able to call the iPhone out of thin air to replace it, nothing in the distance could be a successful place. Apple Watch is a popular device and people love the AirPods, but results are not quite comparable to income (and HomePod is the latest product, especially from Cook's letter ). Faster racing or self-drive cars could be the next thing, however, these technologies are too long, and leave Apple to save its time.

Fortunately for Apple, it's a fourth & bad; $ 84 billion in revenue, with more than $ 130 billion in cash by hand so there is enough time to do that. However, what is becoming increasingly clear, whether Apple today is able to travel the way to the next thing, or has become a major marketplace skilled, profits will be & # 39; grow larger than the ideas instead of creating new ones for themselves.

There was a brutal Peak PC for all the companies involved, from HP to Toshiba, and even the largest companies at the time were tangible to the meaning of brushes, builds and competitions for & # 39; sales downturn as we used laptops for years ahead. With smartphones, the "higher" might look different, but it will be a blood because of the # 39; Hard companies are fighting for new business models.

Apple has a lot of other products, from AirPods to Apple Music, but it is not clear that there is always another product of company venues, and that it is a company's letter to & # 39; The first alarm signal comes from a wider disaster. What is happening from here is & # 39; One size, but it's going to business, from the App Store to the LED Samsung business, as it appears.

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