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On the 12th March, 2019, Spike Chunsoft has started releasing the iOS of The Dungeon of Wonders: The Furious Shiren (The Android version prepares for related articles). The price of 1800 per (introduced fee) is for both IOS and Android.

Portrayed, the operational and interface capabilities are enhanced for smartphones. An approach is optional and can be changed
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This work is a moving version of "Mystery Dungeon Windy Shiren DS" published as a software for Nintendo DS. I will perform the play in this paper.

Seo This article is based on the draft version of the development. Please note that the content of the official version will be different.

Collect information and make sure there is a gold gold town!

First we will shorten this work.

The object of the game is to climb to the top of an unexplored land that has never been reached, discovering the legendary Golden Eagles that the Golden Condor has hated. The flow of the game is through a “dangerous altar” that changes the shape of each time you come in, and uses objects placed at the same time as trying to get monsters across the sea. on the way.

In the case of visiting, you can enjoy the dot graphics to become high graphs
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If you go by prison, there are resting places like a pub and a bar, prepare and go further.
It is important not only to aim for the background but also to listen to the stories of the monsters that appear in the dungeon and to collect information through discussion with the NPCs in the bar and other things. . As with the main character, interaction with "windy people" focusing on an unexplored land is one of the most dramatic events.

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Defeat = Man to lose

Capturing abusive tits is without trauma

We will take in some detail how the game works and how to progress with the dungeon reception.

First, how it worked. The control panel will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and a raised and horizontal movement and attack can be conducted by a single keyboard. It is also useful to move to that area or to attack monsters by introducing the screen. You can add the crop to the order button, but it is faster to influence the monster immediately when you attack, and it is easier to move it reactively.

Without moving the character, it is also possible to alter the guide with a flick submission. You can easily change it by going through to the side you want to turn to as you meet the middle button until you can play with one hand with a good heat.

Let's take away dungeon by using the above works. In prison, pick up the objects that they have fighting against the monsters, and if you find the stairs you can go further.

The structure of the prison changes every time, so there is no better way and it is interesting to ask the appropriate judgment of the player. You might be lucky enough to lift a powerful device and move fast, or perhaps a monster will arrive quickly.

You will need to use the tools you have used to access the dungeon, so you must decide where you use it.

Work out where the objects should be used to pass and overcome the powerful tools
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There are lots of things to think about, such as equipment configurations and the battle with monsters, but the sport is about to turn many times down on the device. Not only will he beat the monsters, you can earn money if you take advantage of the surroundings, there is a huge range of play.

The rings around are so full of arrows that you keep fleeing from the monster who plugs the arrows while you go round the rock. All of these can be collected and used as a source of funding
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Nor can the dungeon be discovered ever, and the main character falls at another time if he doesn't eat. The measurements different from HP will gradually reduce with character movement, and HP reduced how the gauge reaches zero, so eating before then is necessary.

If you are unlucky, you might not get new food, so if you leave it again before the next run, you might be waiting for a bad start. This is because HP has no food although it is left, and the main character falls down and it is reducing its preparation.

Some tonnes of shops have shops selling machines, but if you don't find them, it's time. Preparation and good fortune, and planning to control good eye measurement are also essential elements for the catcher's reception.

Moving without food is very worrying
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In this job, you should definitely be hit by a monster and have a full measure of stomach.

"The first wind of Shiren" is a "comeback", not the sweet reasoning comes in my mind "I try again from saving a point again". Once discarded, the rate will be reverted to the first stage, the level has been re-established, and all is already provided. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost all people lost them.

The level of tools built with hard work, silver-controlled weapons and so on. It is "deceitful" that I would go to the dungeon again while I am carrying such a keen interest.

If the case is lost, it will be returned to the first stage regardless of how well it is being taken forward.
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However, it is not just a complete re-location, and all the deposits lodged in the distilleries put in place are now safe places. We leave the item in the warehouse in case it happens. If the item remains in the museum is too much and falling in the dungeon, the letter is read as a letter and it falls at the end of ……

There is also a task to ask other players to help out when it falls.

If it falls, it gives a password for "rescue requests", and if the player who received it is helped, it will be possible to avoid the loss and try again. If you have a device that you don't really want to lose, you may want to help from the NHS etc.

Although it is a real problem that falls if it falls, it is a hot feeling and a commitment that you will be “Science of the Wind”. However, you can earn money in the early stages and try to push aggressively, you can choose how to play for free, and your charm lets you want to try again and try again. Now.

Without mentioning fans from that time, it is work that I want to play once in every way, even for people who have never played "Future Shiren".

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I always run money
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