He did not know until he had "slept" with Dam Vinh Hung


This is a busy week with Showbiz Vietnam.

The weekend with a long drama from Cat Phuong – Kieu Minh Tuan – The Nguyen. Follow her back and push her in the face, the only one who can not find her, despite the two women who left her, fight. Thi Phi is not cooling down the previous night, an unnamed singer Phan Ngoc Luong has not told a story about his love with Dam Vinh Hung – also his teacher, who shows every "passing his & Borderline "

In fact, no one knows who Phan Ngoc Luan is in the ten boys, until the last night of 21/11. The most difficult is the Phuong Bich, the MV has just lost a special shot for a week.

Phan Ngoc Luan is not in the showbiz, the listeners were immediately moved by the Dirty PR - Picture 1.

Violence Damaged from this photograph, knows what man on the right?

MrDam – often sees the "sleep in the morning" partner in the story of the United regeneration disaster with her sadness. Facebook music is very interesting when it just threatens to kill all the enemies, and then they'll Repeat again that the pupils have loved the last story of the sad story. It instantly launched 34 full screen screenshots. Phan Ngoc Luan created a scannal for PR MV results first but nobody was visible.

Phan Ngoc seems to be, observers have no pressure and do not have to respect them. This is reflected in the inconsistencies in the statements the male singer speaks, as well as the way in which Phan Ngoc Dau went over the surface of a cheap old fashion.

Regardless of the inconvenience, just last night, I still do not have to borrow confidentiality to PR, especially when its name and Dam Vinh Hung were divide as a cloud at Earth's heart, just out of After Asleep, Luan again focused on Facebook to self-regrettare was very impressive for the "thought too far" of the show. Only half a day ago "nothing is left", is now trying to make a great deal on Vinh Hung Dam and Dam Duong Trieu.

The use of love and sex is not fed for a new visibility, even considered well in the eyes of the spectators because it is almost sold out of lies. But, using a way too old, too successful for turning the audience, Phan Ngoc Luan is clear. Spectators are now not smart enough to find out what is wrong, how is it based a little clamor? Again, Monday remembered: "The old road is too old!"

First album "Phan Ngoc Luon" official "Audience".

Phan Ngoc Luan is not in the showbiz, the listeners had to abolish due to Dirty PRs - Picture 2.

Is this an age where people can relax things and put apologies for being OK?

Undoubtedly, Dam Vinh Hung is a teacher at Phan Ngoc Luan, at least given him in the Vietnam singing competition 2012. One teacher word, half-one-half teacher, has spent a short time, is not I just know that King of Vietnamese music is still available for students. Not only one day later, the real gift of Vietnam's millions of dark blue banners known to her "sleeping with the teacher" game knows.

It is not clear whether the value of Phan Ngoc Luan is to be # 39; strive for the status and honor of his or her master, but not only known so far, the public only mentions Phan Ngoc Luan's scanny as a game. incredible.

Talk to the teacher, his / her / her / her / her, and also Luan also wants to sell. The next day the singer would have to relax Mr. Damage with a hundred words with dots full with half-sized, enough enough but too much subject. Highly, he did not forget to add more information: that: "People who think Luang are sure to know that you know it's a well-known singer." The apology does not appear to be a disagreement, and is still a profile when the main MV word is continuously inserted to the same information on the teacher's love.

The "Teacher game" also featured Phan Ngoc Luan.

Who is familiar with the Phan Ngoc Luan showbiz, the listeners needed to be disturbed due to dirty PR - Picture 3.

Are not confident about the ability to create new "prestigious" games?

Then, this event of Phan Ngoc Luan is also very frustrating for the professional, that the artist flashes clothes, blood and tears for the arts.

Creativity is very cheap. Many people go to the art, sound and not good. Efforts are only made so that audiences are more aware of entertaining arts, so that parents do not have to stop their children from learning talent, singing, and acting because of the complexity and # 39 the job is. However, all attempts were destroyed because a male singer wanted to be a shortcut. Do not know with this event, Phan Ngoc Luan if the name is well-known not to be in a position; feel with his colleagues?

The album called "Occupation" lies at an angle, also with the famous singer after sleeping.

Phan Ngoc Luan is not in the showbiz, the audience had to be ruined out because of a dirty PR - Picture 4.

There is too much for the real artwork, if it is the result of some of the issues said by the audience: "The artist is full of artists!"

It was not to watch the listeners, worrying his teacher, being damaging his & her; enough professional conscience, the next victim was criticized by Phan Ngoc Lun, and he himself.

Over the last 10 days, Phan Ngoc Luo is a newspaper with the story forever: the family, the love of money – the story of the female artists, sometimes with men. However, Phan Ngoc Luan is not a queen of the inner medicine, and no one knows how to remember the face, so no one can. Caring for this unnamed way.

And this motion may not be enough, Phan Ngoc Luan is a & # 39; continue "divide" the hot story, and # 39; adds to the name that attracts more publicity, and the subject is more horrible: goddesses.

"When it hit me, Hung character, feeling like to grow up, is not a stop, and then I thought it was dead, now I like men, may have changed its kind. I thought it was a strong feeling, I tried to handle it as Normally, but at the same time sleeping, the feeling is endangered, unhappy.

The girls who had sexed sexy relationships with the teacher were guiding her. Cho Luong is asking a question to & # 39; public: at last or just? But not. The listeners are not in care, the listeners are sufficiently aware to know that this is really realistic. And Luan also does not respect himself when he pulled himself into a negative conversation topic.

The board called "Féin" turned Phan Ngoc Luan enough.

Just as Luan was expecting, the impact of the lasting pressing media was hit, in every place that people mentioned Phan Ngoc Luon as a subject of heat, not only to be categorized in storytelling. smile half of the year 2018, not to be cracked, many outdoors like Showbiz are sad to show "Do not get married" tigers every week.

"It's a good luck, but teeth" are not the world to talk about this event of Phan Ngoc Luan. Look at the most remarkable example, "The Philippines will marry" a & # 39; Severe loss following a fault control method to work to fill the dirty PR by disturbing emotional life; castle.

It was a "fair" route; In order to get out the relationship out of the PR, and & # 39; getting sex and sex to make the screen even cheaper, and even pulling the teacher into that harbor is even harder. I'm not sure if this is a new move on how to contact us or not, just know next week there is an eroticism of artists to come up with Showbiz products lost or good. If you are talented and hardworking, the audience will smile and smile; respond to your heart. He does not eat forever, loyalty is only the most honest way.

For a 3 year wood for burning time, what effort is it? Phan Ngoc Luu's long-term award, with only a few words: "Is a worthy" Male singer singing to Dam Vinh Hung, "?

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