He finished completing the last "Save the Son". A Di Di friend has made a great deal to do this – free entertaining


Reporters Yi and Sun Peng, who were 18 years old, Sun Anzu, were arrested in the United States for anxiety to attack in March. After 240 days in prison, they were convicted to "discharged from prison" as long as they were. passing the immigrant authorities for 4 to 6 weeks. The operating procedures can be removed and they are expected to return to Taiwan at the end of the year. When the news was returned to Taiwan, relatives and relatives of Sun Peng were very happy, and Liu Fuzhu, brother-in-law and sister Yi Yi, were also expecting her; to take her.Liu Fu Di Di helped her to save her heart. (Photograph, illustrated by the Hu Yuxiang reporter)

According to the "Sanli News Net" report, Liu Fu does not contact Di Di for more than half a year. He is also scared that the lecture will affect his & her; judgment. Now that his case is over, he is also very happy for Di Di, and has appeared to have started Sun Peng. The person and his wife and Sun Anzuo have a "cleaning festival", hoping everything will come on. "I have told you about Ji Baoru and the child. When they return, they need to collect together and they will make up with the paper. Everyone who meets, at least. Let's encourage and inspire. "Sun Peng (from the right) and Di Di made the effort to save his son Sun Anzuo. (Built from Facebook)

Liu Fuzhu said he had spoken to Di Di for a long time. He did not expect to refer to the case later. It was a & # 39; He believes he must have compassion. "After that, they have been injured for a half year." I hope that the world outside Sun Anzuo can be updated. Cothrom, he said: "With this lesson, children can understand that they can not make mistakes now, and that adults can make mistakes."

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