He fought with armed robbers inside the house!


He fought with armed robbers inside the house!

An attempt at robbery at 7:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon (27/3) went to an individual house in the village of Chalkida.

Two unknown actors, protesting against the owner at the age of 72, were forced to make money without success.

According to the LamiaReport report, the owner heard old sound in the garden and went out to see what was happening. Be aware that he was alone at home as his wife was in church. Then the two robbers attacked him, one of which looked at fur and was threatened by weapons, leading him into the house.

One accused person kept a pistol, and the other was a shorthand gun. In fact, there was no doubt that the second man put his strike in his face to tell him how much money he was! Despite the bruising of the bands, the 72-year-old was not afraid and sent him away by sending the voices at the same time.

The son of the old people, who lives in another house, was getting help. At first he was taken by the gun thief. But, the robbers saw their plans and they preferred to put their feet on their feet. Indeed, over the 72-year hurry and the strong reaction that left behind the pistol, which was a replica. The last was transferred to Chalkida Hospital, where the facial was severely impaired, but there was no danger to his life.

Chalkida's security, analyzing the data for detecting and capturing the worst robbers, was informed.

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Last updated: Thursday, 28 March 2019, 01:47

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