"He gave me a cure as a dump" – 03/01/2019


Walter Montoya was unhappy in Cruz Azul, where he did not continue after he had abandoned Pedro Caixinha's coach. And to find out about the news, the booklet spread out with dense armor: "I felt the DT dealt with me as a drummer. In training I was a & # 39 , the best feeling and the games that I did not play. The club and fans played 10, but Pedro Caixinha and Sports Director were badly bad. "

Pedro Caixinha, technical director Cruz Azul.

The Chaqueño plans to return to the best stage and each road continues to Rosario Central. "It's in my heart. The middle is like my mother or my mother: when there is one bad one, look for the capture," said Montoya in a conversation with La Red. But he still said he still has no offers: "I did not ask him to come back." Where does your job go?

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