He got lung remodeling and his recipient was an invasive donation


A United States woman got a lung removal and when they were to be discharged, they found an allergy he received from her donor.


The event occurred in California, when a woman had to be discharged, after the re-design of lungs was taken as a hospital because of strange signs. A woman had a problem in her & # 39; Her chest was hard and she was breathing and when the doctors asked her, they found out that she had been drinking the same thing he was drinking given.

She told her to the doctor that she had eaten a sandwich with calm butter, They could find that the problem was there. A 68-year-old woman who has never been able to watch out to any type of food, however given It was forbidden to eat cough butter.

He was seriously convinced, he thought he had a simple cancer and was much worse

An given, a young man from 22 years, despite his / her; and according to experts he said that the person who gets transmitted does not normally have the same feature. Now, the woman who is not able to eat the replacement can be eaten, bonestones, nuts and hazelnuts. The doctors will continue to carry out surveys to see if this link is in & # 39; decrease or be something consistent.

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