He had escaped out of chest cancer, but he thought he made a terrible decision – 12/14/2018


After a period of suspicion and testing, Dawn Cheetham, a dentist from Wardle, Manchester, England produced the biopsy produced by him. He had been successfully fighting against her breast cancer, but he would have to verify if the cells were not even better than his body.

There, in 2015 and 40 years, they gave him the good news: there was no sign in the body of her disease. As a couple for 17 years and with a little girl who is now eight years old, her life returned to her body.

But over the next few months, he began to take a new deal. He started on stomach humming buds and pomps. Already this year it was expected, without hard evidence, the disease had returned.

In 2014 they had discovered the cancer she looked at in every possible way. However, after being fulfilled in 2015, he could never get out of mind. And so she was all uncomfortable or physical illness she was always tied to the illness.

"I slept very little, three or four hours I was worried about concerns", remembering Jonathan Mellor, his partner, and so one of those days she could not take her head more, and with her assuming she was ill Again, she took the worst decision off: she got rid of her in her daughter's room.

After responding to a call, the family got dead there. And then, the examples came. A 43-year-old woman was living because she did not want to introduce a new chemotherapy process.

So, the researchers and the autopsy family asked the young doctor and at that time, the results of the checks were confirmed: his body had no trace of cancer cells.

"I'm pretty sure that every problem, which includes cancer and mental disorder, is a real difference, but you can not say that a man, or Even a man, the situation of his death, "said the doctor. violent

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