He has a great demand for Andrey Danko


Radovan Znášik has already signed a signature for his presiding candidate.

Andrei Danka, President of the Parliament, states that there are more than 15,000. But at the same time he admits he is still not 40 years old. The application is also dependent on age. Danka wants the election to be aware that the 40th anniversary is completed on April 11, 2019.

"The date of the date for its first round of presidential elections from 11 April 2019, first on the day of fulfillment of the constitutional result for an application for the President of the SR, which I & # 39; all, according to the rule 103 (3) of the Soviet Constitution, does not terminate its chairman's mandate but on June 15, 2019, "he & # 39 ; writing in & # 39; Znášik newspaper.

The Battle for President's Palace is going to & # 39; including more than ten candidates who list the collection of signatures; required for the application. For the time, Béla Bugár (Most-Híd), Radovan Znášik, Juraj Zábojník (security analysis), Eduard Chmelár (political analysis), Zuzana Čaputová (Progressive Slovakia), Milan Krajniak (We are a family ), Oskar Fegyveres (evidence of son of the president's son Marian Kotleba (ĽSNS), František Mikloško (reporter KDH), Róbert Švec (Glossary of Soviet Revival), Bohumila Tauchmannová, Štefan Harabin (judge of the Court of Landlords) and drama driver and television director Gabriela Drobová.

Entrants to the palace may stand if they meet the legal requirements. Every citizen from the Republic of Slovakia can be a permanent home in Slovakia, who has at least 40 years of election on election day, elected by law. The candidates are nominated by at least 15 members of the National Republic of Slovak Republic or citizens, based on a petition signed by at least 15,000 citizens. The president elections will be spring 2019. The term is named by the President of the National Republic of Slovak Republic.

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