He has been breaking Google's services in a number of countries around the world


Google has been breaking up in many countries, with users reporting problems with Gmail, Google Drive, Hangout and Google Maps.

Problems have affected consumers around the world, and contacted people in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, and lasted more than three hours. a day after they reported for the first time.

Site search difficulties and Gmail disturbances showed a significant increase in the number of users reporting problems with the email service, around 2:00 GMT.

"We're investigating reports on Gmail's problem, we'll soon update you more," Google said in the Guardian report. "Users are able to access Gmail, and Gmail will use Gmail, more than a billion people.

Participants were unable to e-mail messages and received a message saying: "The message could not be sent. Please check your network and try again." Others had difficulties opening links.

After several hours of difficulty reporting for the first time, Google confirmed “customers will have problems getting in or connecting to different products,” including connecting t connecting via email messages, Draft and save email emails, and send email messages. "The company confirmed that there are problems loading and downloading files from Google Drive and notifying your email address. uploading photos or attachments to the Hangout.

Google Maps users also had problems seeing black umbrella as opposed to street scenes.

Google did not confirm the reason for a service breakdown.

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