"He has bought areas that allow them"


The president of Colo Colo's Social and Sport Society still said that an indigenous man from Syria could restore the back of the developer.

Aníbal Meuse lost Black and White leadership in an unexpected move at Leonidas Vial with Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, who returned to Colo Colo and to the highest level of the developer.

However, India's original businessman has been moving calmly. How much can he return to the beat.

according to Fernando Monsalve, president of the Social Club and Deportivo Colo Colo to Sunday, "It is clear that Aníbal Mosa has bought shares that will allow us to resell the directory. No one can avoid it". Here in a conversation with Al Aire Libre in Cooperativa.

He also added it "Synchronization of the directory is the same, but I can not process what they are".

On the new DT, he said "It's a real project that you need to find, because Colo Colo does not exist. There is no infrastructure, small series, formal football, first team, administration, organizational record ".

Finally he played his name. "Personally, I like Mario Salas. It is also known by Colo Colo, and I like to see its life and values. If you've been working for three or four years, the right one is, "he closed.

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