He hit his 20-year-old sweetheart to kill and keep his age – 12/09/2018


A 20-year-old woman was killed in the town of El Palomar in Buenos Aires. They tried to see her sweetheart, which was next to the body of the girl and, after an attack with boots, he had to kill himself. The Saturday evening event took place at the Morón game.

The victim was identified Ailén Belén Alicia Decuzzi. His grandmother, Alicia Escobar, died. The first one sent a police warning about them.

As confirmed by police sources Clarin, Escobar 's ears in the & # 39; Commissariat 6 ° de Morón was that At 15 days, his grandson left his house, he was & # 39; going to a place in Ramos Mejía and two hours later he sent his phone away and He stopped answering the messages.

"He started searching as a result of his grandmother's request. There was nothing to know about the victim between 3:00 and 8:30 p.m.", the research sources were added to this newspaper.

Following Escobar's statements, Moron's Working Activity Group staff joined the victim of the victim who discovered Ramos Mejía. However, they did not get it in the area. Then Alejandra's grandmother gave another information: she said her grandson could be with a man at Paraíso at 600, two blocks from West Access, in El Palomar.

The police went into the housing sector and, with the help of the owner of the departments that provided the keys, they were admitted to Felix's house David Vela Balazar (23).

In the department they already got their body to life in Ailén. I was on a bed with shoes to face.

The next door they found Candle Balazar (23). The man, from Peruvian nationalism, was expressed as the composer of the females. Some socks were tied on her neck and she did not know.

At the crime site, samples were taken for their knowledge. Blood is pulled by the accused and it is expected that the results will be toxic. The autopsy had taken the women's body on this Sabbath and for Monday they were hoping to find out if the wounded injury was a cause of death, according to the investigation.

It appears that there were no previous reports and they hope to report to the families of Ailén to find out if there are other brutal events.

so far to call a close friend to the young woman who was convinced that they were going back. The victim's father was also investigated who said he was not aware of his connection.

After he discovered that the attack was out of danger, he was arrested "to kill killings to maintain a friendly relationship without confrontation". The case depends on Marcela D 'ascencao, UFI No. 11.

The researchers believe that the name of Ailén struck until he killed him and then attempted to kill himself.

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