He hit his mother to death because he did not want to buy an army – ElSol.com.ar – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


There is a majority in the Neuquén department following a woman's case that brushed her son against her that she was not allowed to buy a firearm.

The event was held on Thursday at 6:30 pm in the town of Centenario, in a house on Honduras Street and José Martí. The woman called the police had been hit.

Although the age of the boy did not know, everything was known to begin to argue. The boy wanted to buy a firearm on a black market and his mother would not let it.

After locking herself in her room, name her & # 39; the police woman. When a warning was given about a potential case for the incentive of sexual violence, cell phone from the fifth police station to the area was rapidly and Sergeant Gladys Almendra took control of his opinion a & # 39; help the women.

Once in the house, the sergeant started talking to the victim who told her about the violent violence she had. The young man was not in a vision but he clearly skipped the scene and threw a ski skipper of 3/4 hard plastic pipes that hit the police.

The dark haired object caused from above the right eye to the nose. At present, his companion took a translation and when the sergeant died, they moved to Centenario Hospital, where the guard helped her and gave her 12 points. The police man was moving home with a bad bone combo.

The police delayed the invasion and arrested the prosecution for the attack of his mother and the sergeant of the police station.

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