He is 27 years after the death of Freddie Mercury


Freddie Mercury died home, based on the flexible street of Knightsbridge, on November 24, 1991, far from the showdowns and the detection of the media in the multi-lingual concerts offered in life.

"He died safely at home tonight, his death caused by arthritis caused by AIDS," said his producer in a brief statement.

The British Empire, born in Tanzania and brought up in India, left behind the hymns I want to get a free bankruptcy, The Do not stop me now o Bohemian Rhapsody, sung by a special voice, with a record of two octaves, and is described in a dramatic and active way, so that it creates an incapable style for reporting.

One of Freddie's key features was a popular and engaging personality on the stage. This made it one of the 80s icons. With his stunning platform, Queen Queen turned to the 70th and 80s music, and sold over 300 million albums.

After his death, the body of a band of bandwidth was shot in London and the ashes were scattered on the Swiss lake a few days later.

Freddie Mercury's figure was once again blamed everyone after the successful genius of the film that tells of his life and the beginning of the British group.

Bohemian Rhapsody, the film of the Foxes, featured in October last year and came to be one of the year that looked at her. year.


Freddie Mercury, a culturally-renowned opera and designer and designer, has always been a job, always connected to his / her; guitar Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, who created the Smile group in 1967, and defender John Deacon.

The four musicians created in 1971 Queen created and recorded twelve studio programs, including her / her. first time and reputation Invasion Cridhe (1974) and Opera night (1975), with sound of rock, rock, heavy metal and glam, directed by May guitar and in particular with the incredible voice of mercury.

Although some criticize a connection kitsch, there was an unofficial quartz and their songs have been broadcast with millions of people for decades in concerts and very large parties.

Since it was Distribution Also a name of the music set up for the group Under Threats, along with David Bowie, went through We are the campaigns, created to honor Manchester United and is today playing at a football stadium all over the world.

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