He is a close brother in a woman's "embankment pair", this is a Song Joong Ki response to Song Hye Kyo's; laugh forever


On November 21, Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum attend their news conference for "Encounter" at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul. Here, the renowned woman met her first job after marriage. It's worth adding to this movie, Song Hye Kyo Back to the couple with his brother's close Song Joong KiThen, the public and media are not concerned about the response of "sunrise" before they make an interesting mix but also "bad loss". At a press conference yesterday, Song Hye, Kyo spoke about the answer to Song Joong Ki with a great smile.

Song Hye Kyo published the Song Joong Ki translation as she "doubles up" by Park Bo Gum

"The script is very sad and I believe that the film will be far beyond the imagination of the producer Park Shin Woo, and I believe it will be a good job for me and Park Bo Me. " Song Hye Kyo showed the upcoming film.

Talk about the response he made to the & # 39; An interesting mix with Park Bo Gum, Hye Song, Kyo was divided by laughter at her mouth: "Tell the Brother Brother Joong Ki me, work hard and follow me". Song Joong Ki seems to be always in private and private media. He also supports the mixing of his nearest wife and brother.

Both of them took the close brother, this is how Song Joong Ki reacts to Song Hye Kyo to make a smile smiley - Picture 2.
Both of them took the close brother, this is how Song Joong Ki replies to Song Hye Kyo for laughter - Picture 3.

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum have two songs in the same company

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