He is a great player of Eurpa warrior that he is the Gyr ni kzicsapat


The 2019 zld-fehr jezzsz hz s winner and other quarters are in the Audi Gyri team ETO KC and the construction of Estelle Nze Minko. The latest Eurpa competition with French vlogate, a gold rider and a playground in 2017, was also named by the Scottish League Athletes League.

Continuing to be the 2019/2020 season in Gyr. The twenty-eight nvsora from club clubs are coming soon. At Irny's magazine, Estelle Nze Minko begins with a full set of leadership positions.

"There was not much to be found in this post, since Quack has continued the post office of Estelle Nze Minko. It's a great deal of jtkosh, who looks for a ply. A current team Tehetsgt and vlogate France as well. Rlk for a contract, and I'm sure you'll be able to help Stine Ofted solve the next season's activities, "said Csaba Bartha.

Estelle Nze Minko (fehrben) won the Gyri Audi ETO teamFor: SPORTISSIMO / Pillaud Stephane

"I'm delighted to be at the Audi Gyri at KTO. It's the best team that is best where people are going. Everything has been done by a bigger & 39; match my cheeses: the best thing! J is playing in the Welsh League, and I want to confirm my place in the team, "said Estelle Nze Minko.

Nyron Sifok na Fraingeach comes from Gyr. In France he became a warrior (2017) and Eurpa champion (2018), and got the latest Tarax in Rio de Janeiro. The Korbbi team, the French Fleury, played in the most prestigious European club club, the European League in 2015/16.

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