He is already a law: independent workers must report Economy


On Thursday, with a total of 95 votes leaving her; Transport, the project came to bring independent workers into law It will implement those who work under this module to contribute to Social Protection schemes.

According to the Government, the above ones "will provide social security 577,000 employees"

The law maintains the effort to identify independent workers, as established in the 2008 Reform, but receive the social security benefits from the first year, compared to the law current.

From Labor Ministry – through communications – they identified "People over the age of 55 years and women over 50 years will be free from submission on 1 January 2018".

His branch minister, Nicolás Monckeberg, said that staff should not have a " first or second class in Chile. "We want independent dependents to work on protection, with social security in particular for adverse effects such as illness, an accident at work and even save for old age ( …), "he said.

UNO Group
UNO Group

In his opinion, "what is going to be in this project Reasonable method that does not affect its & # 39; Most of the income of independent staff, but that's a cover from the first day the most important insurance ".

Director of Social Security, María José Zaldivar, explained this law, but he clarified that In any case there is a double prize.

The law confirms the deficiency of the regulations; at present for the introduction of independent workers – from the public and private sectors – into social security schemes, a campaign introduced in Pension Reform in 2008 and Its main independent objective for applying for pensions.

This duty has been implemented gradually since 2012, allowing the valuation to be released in all rent operations. In 2016 the compulsory purpose had to start without an option to retire, but finally, it was suspended until 2018.


The agreed law will establish a gradual new appliance device for staff who maintain their responsibility to pay contributions through Annual Financial Tax Return of each year, beginning in 2019, is expressed to go to # 39; maintain 10% of taxes.

UNO Group
UNO Group

However, unlike current regulations, it establishes the gradual increase in taxes and; keep in 0.75% annually, until you reach year 2026 16%; and the ninth year will increase by 1%, to reach 17% in 2027.

Those who are required to provide support for independent employees who charge a fee for an annual total amount equal to the minimum or 5 monthly income. ($ 1.3 million worth of the year), but men aged 55 years or over, and women aged 50 or over, on 1 January 2018.

It is estimated that these are rising 577,000 employees, half of those who are required by law in force.

With the amounts paid, each April will be paid in a new order that leaves pensions at the end:

1. Disability and survival insurance (SIS).
2. Social Security Against Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases (ATEP).
3. Insurance for the Gillean and Girls Conversation (Sanna Law).
4. Medical reception and subsidies, pre-school post and former judge, and parental birth post.
5. Pensions.

In his statement, said Labor Ministry explained the formula allows independent employees to access the cash subsidies (which will pay medical licenses) to those schemes, calculated on 100% of the tax base, which corresponds to 80% of the total income set provided by the independent employee in the monthly year before the tax declaration.

Save for pensions, at the same time, it will gradually increase and It will be considered the difference between the impediment and payment made to the various pension schemes protection of social security.

Interim option

The new law also reflects remote choice for those who can not give their tax from 2019 in total in terms of tax subscription to pension contributions.

This includes Opportunity to apply for pensions and health for a lower percentage of tax income, which produces each year, begins with contributions to 5% of tax income in the first year, 17% second, and gradual increase to reach 100% in the tenth year, counted from the law publication.

In this way, your first year will be held for social security payments 2.69%, returning 7.31% to the employee. Their share will increase annually while & # 39; the increase will be maintained and the percentage that will be returned. In this case, for confirmation of the health subsidies and ATEP to which they are entitled, they will be counted on the basis of the announced revenue.

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