He is banned to old "shoe" offices for rent or loan


Recently, the Hao Committee in Ha Noi has documented Document No. 5518 / UBND-KT which would require units; need an order No. 167/2017 / ND-CP, dated 31.12.2017, from the Government that regulates the settlement. Back, public property management.

To regenerate the validity of the reorganization and removal of public property by regulations, the Household People Committee requires the units to review the management and use of all public funds under their management (a & Including land, housing, office offices, non-business jobs, other land-related, vehicle and other public assets) for economic and effective use, and meeting the criteria and prescribed norms. State and TP.

To respond promptly in accordance with its capacity or report to competent authorities to consider and handle public assets without demand for use, a non-used resource, Waiting for liquidation, non-effective asset or used against rules. In order to benefit all profit from the use of public funds against rules into the state budget.

In order to update the current status and movement consistently, in full and quickly on the management and use of public resources in the national database on public assets according to regulations and & # 39; responsible for the correction of the data. Public unity of the unit.

Despite the new headquarters, many state organizations are still in a position; entering and refusing to return the old office space to Hanoi. (photo VTV)

Despite the new headquarters, many of the state's organizations still have a insert "and wait" not to & # 39; return to the old headquarters of Hanoi. (photo VTV)

In particular, the Hanoi People's Committee requires investment agencies and units in the construction of a new office. When the construction is completed and moved to the new office, the entire office will be provided. Building Department to co-ordinate with the Finance Department to report to the People's Committee to ' consider and decide on the handling plan. It is prohibited for agencies and units to retain their old office offices for the use, rent, loan or arrangement for other units without decisions from the relevant authorities.

By 30 September each year, tell the Home Person's Committee about the status of the management and use of public resources at the unit, and including the implementation results of the reconfiguration plan and the agreed housing resources treatment.

For housing centers and land in Hanoi: leaders, groups, units and enterprises need to review and use houses and land tightly in accordance with the prescribed criteria and norms; cost effective. To break, to & # 39; find through arranging; To review, convene and report on the current status of the regulation and use of housing and land resources designated for the management and use and the results of the implementation of agreed plans for the re-location of houses and land.

Land use plans of State companies and non-business public units are currently being regulated and used when negotiations need to comply with the law on reconciliation and handling Household and land of State Holdings; It is based on plan and use of land use, community building planning; It is in line with the campaign's development strategy and must be considered and agreed with the relevant company before the balance sheet comes.

When dealing with houses and land that need to be moved under environmental design or pollution, Natural Services and Natural Resources of the area will take / main commitments to; Maintaining core commitments, and coordination by departments, branches and units involved.

Along with that many state organizations are still "trying" and "declined" to reject their old headquarters for Hanoi, Dr Dao Ngoc Nghiem, Vice President of the Urban Development Planning Association Vietnam The problem of re-establishing services, medical centers, education and business out of Ha Noi has been established for almost 20 years, but it has not yet been done.

One of the reasons why many organizations donated is not a capital to re-instate. The problem, some of the amenities although they move to the cities still want to "open" the home in the home as a base 2.

TS Ciem recites the case of K Hospital in Ha Noi, which has given a lot of land in Tan Trieu (Thanh Tri) to build a new hospital, the hospital still has to -step for land in the old facility (Hoan Kiem District) as the basis for medical treatment.

Theo Tran Khang

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