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On Tuesday, the Maiken Caspersen won the fifth World Fall in Drammen prize in six years. So she continues to be a series of great prizes.

In the third world, a victory in Drammen wins a string in sprint. Sometimes she has protected her gold medal at speed.

What was happening now was unlikely when Falla was sent out in the semifinals in Dresden on 12 January. Until then the 28-year-old man had no palette position in the World Cup.

Then she decided to contact the old Roar Hjelmeset coach, who left as the national team coach last spring.

– He helped me

– After Dresden I shouted at Roar and I thought of what I would do, said Falla to NRK.

– So there are some phones?

– Some have been there. Not many. He knows he's angry if I say that, but he's, he's helped me get back.

– What did he say?

– The one thing I remember is that it is' yes, but then it goes a little better in Otepää, and then it goes a little bit on NM and then you're back, you are going well, there is little hockey focus with Roar, it's easy and easy – some of the feelings – he helped me, Falla says.

But Roar Hjelmeset is not angry that Falla has "appeared" in the conversation.

– It is good if she found that I helped her. Then I have to give good advice. But it receives a very good follow-up from the coaches to the national team, and she knows herself well, Hjelmeset says to NRK.

The same thing is happening Falla. The national team coaches have continued with it and she knows herself.

Mayken Caspersen Hall to Drammen

PARLIAMENT HAS BEEN WOODED: It was woken up by Caspersen Falla on her way to her weakest season from the moment. Then all the surroundings turned round.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Discover their faith in Otepää

But, at some stage, she was almost born to give up her faith.

– You need legs and body to work well, but I don't think you are getting anything in a sprint unless you think you will get.

– Have you been this year that you never believed to be earning?

– Yes, we did.

– When did it turn?

– After registering in Otepää, since then I have become two numbers, behind Stina. Eventually, the technique and the situation takes place, and so I was under threat of winning, said Maiken Caspersen Falla.

Thereafter it has not lost international acclaim.

The turn she takes with him.

– Even when he looks black, he can turn. It is cool, he acknowledges Falla.

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