He killed a 10-year-old son of his companion, sent him away and then organized himself – 11/27/2018


Man drama in Tolosa: he hit and killed a 10-year-old son of his companion and killed in front. After that, he built himself.

Everything happened Tuesday at present in a house on the 116th street between 529 and 530. Ciro Peñalba was organized by his grandfather. His mother, Soledad Andrea Marcos, got a shot in the cheekbone, managed to escape and call 911. After 9.30, Juan Cruz Chirino stayed in one of the rooms in the house. The Falcon group worked in the area.

According to the first drawings, a couple of months of conflicts attracted and just before the attack, the woman, 32 years old; aged and recruited by the Ministry of Social Development in Buenos Aires, told the murderer that she did not want to see her again. Hours later, from 5 to 6 a.m., he came back to kill him and his son.

The boy, 10 years old, My knife still was locked in my breast when the soldiers went into the house. He was taken to San Martin hospital, but he was already dead. In the meantime, it will go & # 39; ladies into San Roque de Gonnet hospital, out of danger and in sight, but in a state of sword. He can not say it yet.

As he went, Ciro's biological father I would have gotten threats early in the morning. So, he decided to leave rapidly from his home in the Melchor Romero area, but he stopped the damage to the opposite of another vehicle in 521 and 140. But, it was without use and did not. ; He could come to the house where there was a great deal, in Toulouse.

As you may know Clarin of police sources, Chirino, aged 27, "was not a policeman", because the story was not known but, as well as his & # 39 , a murder case and trying to kill, he is still sure he was allowed to carry the firearm.

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