He killed a man in El Marqués


November 27, 2018 01:15 AM

A person's body, which they are supposed to be, is based in El Marqués, one of the 33 organizations that came from Friday to Monday to the morgue. Her body was found yesterday on her & # 39; morning in the lower part of Terepaima Street in front of her; fifth Los Pedregales.

The victim, who was burned in the house, was about 35 years old; old, and had a red banner shirt and blue jeans; She had a black black shoe with a green logo, RS21. His body had a & # 39; hitting the face and had no barrel; however, he had a gold stag and a watch. Death may occur Sunday at 9:00 p.m. when neighborhood neighbors heard guns. To where they reached a commission of civil servants from the East Axis against the Cicpc, Polimiranda and Polisucre Furniture.

In a section of Petare, Luis Enrique Franquiz, aged 35, was killed on Friday, 23rd. His family does not know the place, but he stops that the man stopped that night to give his white Cherokee truck. Franquiz was struggling with those who tried to disagree with them; They stole a car and gave him four scenes to put him to death immediately.

He was the eldest three brothers and father of five children. He was a merchant, and was involved in buying and selling. sold a sword in a section of Petare.

In another case, Jonathan Oswaldo Pérez Ochoa, a 23-year-old employee, the second member of the family died brutally.

On Saturday the 24th day, at 11:00 p.m., he met neighbors and friends drinking calves and game cards in a series raising the Horse in Carapita, Antímano, when a person returned from Colombia, where he was a bit years, and he killed him. Several of his companions gave him a Pérez Carreño hospital where he died.

It was known that Pérez Ochoa's companions tried to prevent their murderer from firing, but he was still in a position; commit crime.

He told the deceased that the attack Perez Ochoa opposed two other people and that one of them had died, but the information was not confirmed. The victim of a 2-year-old father is the father and the one who is the victim; youth of five children.

Twenty years ago, Agustín José Pérez Ochoa, 19, of age, the eldest brother of the brothers, was killed in the department of La Acequia in Carapita. Initially there was a problem with one of his cousins ​​attacked by a number of men who hit his head with a gun, but finally killed Agustín José.

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