He killed his forty-year-old age, being banned for eight hours and then killed himself


Falcon Group had a heavy compromise with the increase from 8 in the morning so it could be eliminated and surrendered. But finally, the soldiers They decided that they went into the house about 4pm when they heard a gun. See itself surrounded and without leaving, The murderer decided to take his life.

"The man put himself in the head and was taken to the hospital," said Corvalan General Commissioner, who was over the work. But then, he resigned his position to defend his death: "He died in hospital".

Corvalán explained that the rescue activities took a long time because the goal was to go to; life raid rescue. "From the beginning, the Falcon Group was waiting for the person to take his ideas, he wanted to come out alive," he said.

The sad event occurred in the address that was based on 116, between 529 and 530. Early morning, a visitor from Buenos Aires police came to the house after calling her to her daughters; Naming her son's crime because of her old.

When they arrived, they found the soldiers themselves with a stunning image. The woman was blood with a crab in one ear and also her son's body, aged 10, with a white armor in her coffin.

The invasion was identified as Juan Cruz Chirino, 27, who has mental disorders and "had a sick relationship with the woman because of jealousy," said a neighbor.

According to their friends, they had been in crisis for several months and the conflict that inspired the attack as a result of a woman told the person she did not want to see again.

After the attack, the man locked himself in one of the three rooms in the house, where he stayed without moving until 4:00 p.m. Until the last time, Falcon group experts tried to negotiate him so he could surrender not to threaten his life. But the man surprised everyone and was not able to escape and regret for the killings.

The person was injured after the Peugeot Partner in which he was traveling; hitting a new red VW shot when 140 and 521 streets were running. The person who was suffering the injured disaster and was expected to be transferred to a health center close

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