He killed his son's son, damaged her and killed himself


Juan Cruz Chirino set the boy and put her companion in his mouth

Conversation: the biological father of Ciro, who went to the scene, was thrown and defeated. who had to be present

They were all over eight hours of negotiation, which was cut when the authorities heard a picture. That's when they went in and attacked them. "The person was not at any time trying to leave his position, until Halcón's staff reached meters from the room where he was. At that time hearing is heard. Then the staff Went into the room and met the scene that was killed in the head. He was bad and brought him to hospital, "explained Marcelo Corvalán, a general commissioner who was in charge of the work. Shortly after his death he was reinforced.

Juan Cruz Chirino set the boy and put her companion in his mouth

According to the first drawings, his couple pulled months of conflicts and just before the attack, the 32-year-old woman would tell the murderer that she did not want to see her again. Hours later, between 5 and 6, he returned to kill and his son.

The 10-year-old boy, still kept his knife in his chest when the soldiers went into the house. He was taken to San Martin hospital, but he was already dead. At the same time, it will go & # 39; ladies into the San Roque de Gonnet hospital, out of danger and under investigation, but in a state of sword. He can not say it yet.

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