He knows the rules: a British NDP laughs hard to video and & # 39; raising Trudeau money at the Parliament's office at the Parliament


OTTAWA – BP NDP Charlie Angus criticizes her; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the burning of a year-end fundraising video at the Parliament Hill office, Breach of rules that hinder MP from using parliamentary resources to raise money.

The video, which was posted to the Trudeau Facebook page on December 28, shows its & # 39; Prime Minister at the Block Center office, with two Canadian flags on both sides. "You are at the heart of this move for a positive politics – and you know what it is," he says, a & # 39; mentions his supporters. "That's why I'm asking you to be involved in tens of thousands of Canadians who have already spent their month by streamlining by December 31.st date, so that we can start 2019 strong. "

The post is linked to the Liberal Party Website, where we can grant donations.

It is the problem that Parliament members are governed by strict rules about the fact that, Holding the separate parliamentary work from raising money and campaigning. Members subordinate to internal economy boards, which House of Commons regulation, Parliamentary buildings can not be used as a Block Center for part-time activities, including "grant bids and subscriptions to a political party" or "activities related to re- elected member. "

Angus said he was filming money-raising airs in an office; prime minister as a "ship league" move from someone who should know better. "He knows the rules. This is not a great activity on the backdrop. He is the prime minister of the country," he said. "It seems that he believes he does not have regulations, Justin Trudeau, his / her principal."

Angus said the rules were very clear, especially for something like a cash-raising appeal just, and was surprised by his decision. "His Prime Minister has great facilities for his job, and his Liberal Party Party has the power and capacity to raise money," he said. "It's just money to ask me. It makes it seem that they do not feel that there are those rules."

In an email address, Braeten Caley's Liberal Party sensor, said the video was filming at the Center's office. Block "due to Mr Trudeau's troubles in his other important role as Prime Minister." He said the party "is in a" fitting reimburment "that will be completed too early next week, but did not tell what it was; in the back.

The party is going to & # 39; make appropriate repayment & # 39;

He also confirmed that the video was filmed using Liberal equipment, "not with parliamentary facilities, equipment or costs."

Caley said he was not the first to use Parliament Hill's office for party purposes, aimed at the 2015 pre-election announcement with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper working at his desk. However, Conservative Party spokesman Cory Hann declared that the ad was filmed at an official residence. 24 Sussex Drive prime minister, who is not subject to the same rules.

Angus said he hopes to send a letter to the inner economy board seeking a review of the fundraising video. The Liberals are continuing to; Most of the board members, with seven MPs from the three main parties, but Angus said even that it would be worth a "cutter".

"They have a duty to ensure that all parliamentarians follow the rules."

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