He launched the largest two train stations in Vietnam


High speed train The largest Vietnamese chronicles designed by European standards – Con Dao Express 36 – were launched tomorrow at port Dinh Vu, Hai Phong. With 4 Roll-Royce devices with a total capacity of 7,400 horsepower, the 35-mile ship will reach at its highest. So, the trip from Vung Tau to Con Dao will be shortened to 3 hours and again.

Con Dao Express design 36 of 47m is lengthy, 12.2m wide, comprising almost 600 passengers. There are two floors in a passenger cabin with classed seats, Dulex and VIP. Each VIP chair is equipped with an individual entertaining screen, and comes again after 120 degrees, a sound floor. The resources are equipped according to each section of customer needs.

He launched the largest double-line railway station in Vietnam - Picture 1.

High train built in accordance with European standards, built by the Z189 (Ministry of Defense) company.

Prior to this, the Compatible Stock Company of Phu Quoc Express successfully completed 5 high trains with a capacity of 300 travelers. A two-passenger 600-passenger event this time is a new milestone of Vietnam's tourism and shipbuilding business.

It is expected that Con Dao Epress 36 will be run for passengers traveling and traveling. travel on the Vung Tau – Con Dao and Tran De – Con Dao routes in C1 / 2019.

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