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It is considered to be the biggest idol San Lorenzo. While you are & # 39; live in Boedo Leandro Romagnoli cut 6 titles and set up a post azulgrana. On Sunday afternoon Pipi His party was surrounded by friends in a meeting that was marked by feeling and nostalgia.

Previously invasion It started compared to the castle warrior there 2001 Along with some of his assets he had in his technical guidance for his two Oscar Ruggeri and Ruben Darío Insua.

Sebastián Saja, Juan José Serrizuela, Eduardo Tuzzio, Aldo Paredes, Raúl Estévez, Pablo Michelini, Néstor Raúl Gorosito, Pipi, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Bernardo Romeo, the 11 that came to the scene to face the crow with him.

Campagnuolo, Ramírez, Román Díaz, Adrián González, Polo Quinteros, Diego Capria, José Chatruc, Rodrigo Astudillo, Germán Rivarola, Alvarez, Daniel Fagiani, Celso Esquivel, Luis Medero, Félix Benito, Leo Di Lorenzo, Leo Rodríguez, Martín Saric, B Guillermo Franco, Florian, Iván de Pineda and Gastón Soffriti were the other guests who were changing in the other producer.

Other genres that were part of the event Sebastián Torrico, Gonzalo Prósperi, Mauro Cetto, Walter Kannemann, Germán Voboril; Enzo Kalinski, Juan Mercier, Néstor Ortigoza, Ignacio Piatti; Héctor Villalba and Gonzalo Bergessio, Nico Blandi, Mauro Matos, Pablo Alvarado, Gonzalo Rodriguez, and Fabricio Coloccini.

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