He lost the moral right to make a decision on future constitutional judges, and Smer-SD to Kisk


Smer-SD party states that President Andrew Kiska has full responsibility for the crisis at a constitutional court that has been on a bad society.

BRATISLAVA, November 20 (WebNoviny.sk) – President Andrej Kiska lost the moral right to decide on future constitutional judges.

Deleting Venice Commission's findings

In the near future, they have made a great breach of the Constitution and have taken into account internationally-regarded authority decisions such as the Venice Commission.

This is said in the opinion of the Smer-SD party to the President's words that the National Council of the Slovak Sovereignt Republic and the competent authorities have sufficient time to select appropriate candidates for the appointments of the judges constitutional.

The campaigns will remember the Kisk case

In the opinion of Smer-SD, Kiska is allegedly responsible for the emergency at a constitutional court that is involved in society.

"According to Andrew Kisk, they must go to the Constitutional Court for good and honest people, but the last one who uses the honest word, because his court has confirmed with the help of the earth's mammalia, it was a great deal to block common land. Discrimination tax and election shoots are also disqualified, convicted by taxation authorities and criminal authorities, " says Smeru-SD, which was donated by the head of media department at Ján Mažgút to SITA.


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