He proved that even a Czech man could not do it. Will Kubalik leave the NHL now?


Do you value more impact in a productivity register or do you win the most useful player?

Although I got the best champion at home, I have never managed. This is more than surpassing language, because it is not just the important goals. But I have to say I was happy with the most useful player. After all, captains and principal coaches in each league team decided.

In the Czech Republic the only winner of the Canadian award-winning winner, Switzerland is the same?

I might get something, but I don't yet know. But this is likely to happen, as Dominic Zwerger, the team partner, won the prize for the best in the season last year.

League League Elephant Dominik Kubalík:
Basic part Play of it
Maids 50 5
Aims 25 1
Support 32 5
Points 57 6

In the Swiss competition, the most wanted player in each team comes in with a yellow helmet and sweater with the embroidery. Highest point on his back. You were for them almost all the season. Didn't you sometimes feel like a lighthouse? Does the opponent know who faces it?

It is true that one is close by. Sometimes I came like a target. The number of time when an ax goes over his feet and he does not know where he came from. But during the games era I didn't feel very much about what I was wearing. But then when I was watching myself, there was lots to see.

When you look back at the club season, can it be more personal to you?

I have to focus on it and work on many different aspects of the game. For example, defense activity in the defense area, which was a major problem for me previously. Although I regularly raised the Canadian points, I often got in the plus / minus numbers in negative numbers. I think I moved on with this issue, as had been seen in the truth that the coach had enough confidence to send me to a three-to-five impairment, which never happened to me. Overall it was a big season; individuals and teams.

What have you improved in protective actions?

Especially it is about covering the fields and working with the stick. Keep as much room as possible with the stick and body. I also worked heavily on the game in the pre-populated area when it was weakened. I know that I need to be valid on both sides of the park and to be a complex player. Maybe I'm unfortunate that I will play the first game of energy until I have to help with something else.

Dominik Kubalík during training of a national hockey team.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

After five years, Ambri-Piotta carried out the playoffs e, but she was already in the quarterly season when you won one game against the White. Have you ever thought?

He was very successful with our team and all that Biel wanted to do. But I don't think we've gone from going ahead, because we've been really worried. However, our productivity has hampered our results, and we have had little progress. Biel, on the other hand, is hugely ambitious, which is the real league. Maybe we should have played more backwards.

You are contracted by the club next year. Will you keep it?

We haven't spoken yet. We said goodbye to a valid contract and saw the latest summer activities.

During that time, there may have been some speeches you went to on the NHL, where the Chicago property is yours, which he won from Los Angeles at the end of January …

Someone must be capable. But I haven't yet been aiming, and I didn't want to find out about it, because those things are just weaving the head and one is thinking about something else. should he.

But maybe you've missed out that Chicago will be starting its next NHL season in Prague against Philadelphia.

No, I can't hear that and it's good news. In fact, if something happened, it would be fine.

Are you watching Blackhawks games now?

I can't say I was just looking at the Chicago tour. Every morning I try to see the best scenes and watch Kučera or McDavid.

Hockey forward Dominik Kubalík presented the national team as preparation for the national team Wednesday.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Is the Swiss League abroad?

It rose well when Auston Matthews and Zurich arrived in the 2015/16 season. When they were again in NHL's undercoats, many NHL players left to play in Switzerland. The Swiss League is indeed a sound, but it's just a question for someone else.

So if the Chicago process did not work, would you go on in Ambri?

Of course. If nothing happens, I run a contract at Ambri and I would be returning.

How long would you like to be clear?

I don't know it. I still won't even speak to the producer and I have reflected on it. Now I am focusing on being 100% ready for production.

So you've not cleared the place in Bellinzona where you travel every day?

He escaped, because if I was continuing with the club, I'd like something else. We have a wee dog and we want something with a garden.

So the toilet?

Either, or living in a garden. Although our garden was now, but without the fence. What is a problem a little with his dog.

Dominik Kubalík comes to the Czech hockey team.

Petr Hloušek, Right

You said you were now fully focused on representation. Do you feel achievement in the Swiss league has made a whip?

Maybe, but I'm trying to not happen. When I started work in Pilsen in the first year I had a little problem with it, I couldn't work with it. I was on my own and I didn't. If you are thinking more about it, it is all the more worse. That's why I'm trying to take it the same way.

The vision of the competition is in Slovakia, where thousands of Czech fans are coming, drawing heavily?

I experienced it last year in Denmark and it was great. Many of the Czech supporters were there and that is why there is a big attraction and commitment to entering the championship for the Slovak competition. It will be the Prague competition, many of the Czechs support us.

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