He received 3.5,000 rubles, the candidate finished the "ministerial food"


SARATOV, November 23 – RIA Novosti, Edward Demyanets. Divisional spokesman Saratov from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko sent a trial in which he spent 3.5,000 rubles a month after a "macaroons" dispute with the old minister of labor, work and migration the Natalia Sokolova area.

Deputy Duma Nikolai Bondarenko na Saratov. Archive photograph
Saratov leased out what the tough menu "ministry food"

In mid-October, a video of the dispute between the Minister Sokolova and Leas Bondarenko showed about the amount of life needed for a month on YouTube. The officer said that 3.7 thousand rubles were enough enough to reduce physical needs "and" macaroons are the same. "Then Sokolov was refused, and on October 24, Bondarenko started a trial in which he agreed to stay 3.5 thousand rubles a month. The solicitor said earlier that he lost six kilograms in the first three weeks of the test.

"Yesterday, the last day (diets)", said RIA Novosti Bondarenko, says he hopes to be helpful on a Friday morning and find out what he lost with the test result.

"It's impossible to stay unwell for health," said their parliamentarians. A question that he would live on 3.5 thousand rubles per month.

Member of the Ekaterina Lahova Russian Federation Federation Council. Archive photograph
Lakhova's Senator's words suspended the benefits of bad awareness

According to the song, he does not know how long he returns to his normal diet. "I spoke to nutritionists, with doctors, they say that there should be a specific time and you can not carry yourself fat, sweet or some of the material in large quantities," said Bondarenko.

The solicitor has not yet considered what his first fare will be after the "diet". "There is still no understanding, I did not think about this topic," he did.

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