He repeatedly: Nicolás Repetto's unfortunately proof of the harassment


Radio Miter Show

December 14, 2018

The driver went into the complaint of Thelma Fardín about Juan Darthés and questioned the truth of abuse in the art environment.

Nicolás Repetto He walked through the desert, saw a bag and threw himself on his head. The driver returned to the dispute about cases of genetic abuse and, after reporting Thelma Fardín about it Juan Darthés, doubt the truth of these issues within the artistic field.

"We know he has a logical response, but there are questions that should not be stopped because the answer is strong, we should not be frightened by his question," he told the psychologist, Alicia Grossa and finished straight away: "Why are you so many hours? Why does a person keep as far as wild as possible as possible to Thelma?"

The dreadful question John Darthés did to the ex-girlfriend at Thelma Fardin

The woman explained to him about the problem that these issues mean to be & # 39; get the courage to bring that problem into and to ensure that the "need to be aware of its" process "and then prepare for"he said"

In the middle of his show, Grossa Confirming that women who suffer a "completely spectacular" environment that have a natural illness and, much more, harassment "and at that time I repeat It was an example Florence Raggi, his wife.

Juan Darthés broke the silence: "I'm dead"

"I also have an actress and I do not feel that I was in a position; I stayed there or I had to do sex trials. Or who has been feeling harassment. There are issues and issues"He said he was almost like to inquire some of the objections.

At that time, Milva Castellini, a program participant, stopped his paths: "Tell me something strong … Florence has been your wife for over 20 years. And probably maybe; Florence floats there. And maybe so, though it's awful"

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