He returned to the country and Barra de Boca attacked and took Daniel Angelici into account: "He has a son for a while" – 12/12/2018


Maximiliano Mazzaro, the former one at Boca Boca, returned to the country Friday after he was removed from Spain, he refused to travel until Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores and took Daniel Angelici into account.

"I did not go to the court invasion, I did not go for five years. I was going to spend Christmas in Barcelona with my family, "said Mazzaro, who dropped off for 20 hours from the Spanish police at Barajas airport.

He refused to mention the 12 people to fight with Rafael Di Zeo and sent a brilliant statement on a president of a club; Bank: "Angelici is my son for a while."

Mazzaro was removed as a result of his police record in Argentina. "The Spanish police believe that the barrabrava is Maximiliano Mazzaro dangerous for safety and was deleted; Every bar who travels with a history of slaughter will be removed from Spain, "said Guillermo Madero, Security Director in Football Programs, in communication with La Red radio.

"My family is in Spain, verdugueada (sic), now I see how I see my son," he added to the media.

Your history

In 2013, after six months after his case, Mazzaro was celebrated and was declared as a party murderer in the murder of Ernesto Cirino, in the Liniers area on 29 August 2011.

He was imprisoned for a year and a half until in 2014 he was discharged with Mauro Martín, one of the two chiefs of Boca Brava's current brava.

Mazzaro, in the center, next to Mauro Martín.

Mazzaro, in the center, next to Mauro Martín.

Safety is a priority in the pre-meeting. For this reason, the Police are particularly aware of the presence of treadmillows. According to data from the government's representative body in Madrid, around 300 will be reached from each Spanish team.

The police device will be provided for its game, which will be held at the Santiago Bernabéu, and, including a section of Paseo de la Castellana, on the south side of the town, in two areas to avoid the division of both crew fans and events.

There are also very different routes when it comes to celebration. In the case of winning the River, their fans will be celebrated in Plaza del Puerta del Sol, the north-east kilometer of Spain, and, if Boca buys, their fans are made at Plaza de Colón, also in central Madrid.

This was explained today by a Spanish Government representative in the Madrid area, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, in a press conference explaining details of the security device used for a high- risk of almost 4,000 workers.

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