He said he is anti-vaccine


Bitterly controversial and controversial Always, Juana Viale has influenced an appropriate case in society and did not have a semi-degree, as well as his / her. His words repeat their influence and what they do; think of her. After being struggling in a big scandal when she named herself as a male, her actress is & # 39; going to be the center of another debate: vaccines; Yes or not. His answer is indirectly and needs to be done with a distinct vision of medicine. Their choice is natural and their children, Silvestre (10) Ali (6) and Amber (16) have recently immunized.

Juana spoke about this issue in a note by La Nación and he noted that his vision could be "left by side". He said he does not support vaccines and explained why: "I have a more natural condition, and I like homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, and I understand when the body is ill, it is not He's busy but he speaks and we need to take care because it's a way to come. If I have a fever it is because the group is fighting something, so I do not. taking a cure against fever. There are processes that I enjoy to live and feel. "

This nature view is also featured in food. Juanita has been a vegetable plant for six years, like Amber, the daughter of Juan de Benedictis. Men, fruit from the relationship with Gonzalo Valenzuela, use some meat or fish.

However, with the boys he can not position him against her; maintain a vaccine. "Now I gave them a vaccine, before I did that but I agreed because they are not me, that's them, and we live in a society that we do not all have; understand each other and sometimes we have to change ".

It is unclear what happened, but there may be one opportunity that schools usually need to update the vaccine record At the time he got a student and his actress had no choice but to give it.

In addition to what Maghha Legrand's grandson says, in Argentina, the Viral Trioblaideach Trout (against Hercules, Pumpkins and Rubbish) is mandatory; Triple Bacterial Cell (for Disteria, Teatanus and Cough Convulsa) and Sabin (the front of Poliomyelitis). Since 2017, two new methods have also been added: Human Papilloma (HPV) is for men aged 11 or over and that from Meningococcus, which prevents disease- brain, after three months of life.

Finally, in the note he also believes in "energy, in the moon, in the behavior of the planets, in the water, calmly, what attracts and his & # 39; pull out, in the light and in the darkness ".

Last November, the title was Viale when she said that she did not think that she was women; there because she did not believe in the relationship between men and women. "It's not great in us, not a flock," study. These words were deprecated by male divisions, but Viale has not returned: "I do not go with any banner because I do not feel we need to be there, it's not just a matter of people, conscience and understanding. The ability to make it reasonable and does not need slogans or banners, I never had a kind of humor be. "

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