He shook his first goal, the boys made 100 for Singapore at the AFF Cup


Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad won two times in front of Timor Leste, with 100 goals in the history of AFF Cup.

Fandi bin Ahmad, the father of Ikhsan, is the first team of this team, and is currently a major coach. In a game that took place Mallaig 22 years ago, Fandi has "opened up" for the Singapore team when the same is 1-1 in the minute 89.

Ikhsan (left) is successful by Fandi Ahmad (nice).

Ikhsan (left) is successful by Fandi Ahmad (nice).

In the match against Timor Leste, Fandi sent them both to her. park. Ikhsan was the child ab & # 39; born in 1999, playing a pitch or striker, and his eldest son, Irfan, was born in 1997. He was born in 1997 to play a player, mid-player or striker to play. He is currently playing for BG Pathum United in the Second Department of Thailand.

The 2018 AFF Cup is the first major league of these two young players.

Singapore 6-1 Timor-Leste

During competition, Fandi was one of the leading players in the southeast of Asia. He is also a leading climber for Singapore with 55 appearing.

Thanh Quy

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